Topic: How to get an overview of reviews received and alert reviewers  (Read 59914 times)

The deadline to submit reviews is coming to a close and I want to send reminders to reviewers who still have open reviews.
In this e-mail I want to advise them about the overall number of reviews still missing.

How do I proceed?

You can always send reminders to reviewers who have not yet submitted their reviews.
Please go to this page:
Overview => Bulk E-Mails => Send E-Mails to Reviewers

Use any of the filter options and make sure to use these codes in the message body (see image):
  • {reviews_open_count} = number of open (not submitted) reviews of the person
  • {reviews_open_list} = list of open reviews of the person

On the second page of the bulk e-mail process, you can check the selected recipients and preview the e-mail text that you are about to send out.

You can find a complete manual on how to send bulk e-mails to specific user groups here:
Sending Bulk E-Mails with ConfTool