Topic: Online forum: names of reviewers visible to PC members?  (Read 63527 times)

We don’t want other reviewers and PC members in general to see the names of reviewers during the discussion phase in the online-forum. How can we enable this function?

First of all, reviewers only have access to the online forum for their own submissions and only when you activate this functionality. You can change the settings for reviewers to be able to discuss their reviews in the online forum or have access to co-reviewers’ reviews here:

Overview => Settings => Main Settings for the Review Process

In the section “Access to Reviews of Co-Reviewers? / Access of Reviewers to Online Forum?” you have a number of options for reviewers. You can choose between general access to co-reviews of the same submission, access to co-reviews only after having entered a review and access to co-reviews and online forum after review submission. For all three options you can choose between anonymous and non-anonymous settings.

Furthermore you can change the settings for anonymity for messages sent via the online forum in the section “Show Names of Message Authors”.

By default reviewers do not have access to the forum. If you give them access, reviewer names are by default not shown.
If you give PC members access to the forum in Phases and Deadlines, they have access to reviewer and PC member names.

Please note that you can also define if the names of the authors are shown in the forum.
By default authors’ names are not displayed. The setting can be changed for each individual submission type / track.

Overview => Settings => Manage Submission Types / Conference Tracks

Select the corresponding track, click on edit and scroll down to the section "Review Options".
If you enable the setting "No, single blind reviews" for the option "Double Blind Reviews", the names of the authors will be displayed in the online forum to the PC members (see image 2).

Chairs, on the other hand, can always see the names of the authors and the reviewers in the online forum. This setting cannot be changed.