Topic: Optional instead of mandatory upload of files (ConfTool Pro 2.6)  (Read 136055 times)

We want to offer our authors to optionally upload files. How can we do this?

In fact this is currently not well supported, file uploads are considered as mandatory in ConfTool.
However, this is mainly an issue of wordings in the system, as also the submissions are stored in the system if no files are uploaded.

Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Wordings and Phrases
... and change the following definitions to meet your requirements. You see some example definitions that might help.

S_BUTTON_UPLOAD=Upload File(s) [optional]
S_INFO_PAPER_MISSING=No file uploaded. Submitting of a separate paper is NOT mandatory.
S_INFO_PAPER_MISSING_NOTFORGET=If you would like to upload files, do not forget to transfer it before the deadline!
S_NEWPAPER_INTRO_STEP1=Please complete the form below in order to submit your contribution. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be filled in.
The next steps will allow you to preview your submission, upload files to the server (optional), and to save your submission.
S_NEWPAPER_INTRO_STEP2_1=You now have the option of uploading a file containing your contribution to the server. If you wish to submit a document at a later time, please click on "Save Submission". <strong>Please note that your file must successfully be uploaded to the server prior to the submission deadline. Submitting of a separate paper is not mandatory! </strong>
S_NEWPAPER_INTRO_STEP2_2=If you wish to upload a file now, please use the form below. If you like, you might update your contribution before the submission deadline.
S_NEWPAPER_SKIPUPLOAD=Save Submission - Upload File(s) Later [optional]

S_PAPER_FORM_UPLOADSECTION=Upload File(s) to Server [optional]
S_PAPER_UPLOADFORM_SUBMIT=Upload File(s) and Safe Submission
S_PAPER_UPLOAD_TITLE=Upload File(s) [optional]

If you want to have e.g. two mandatory files and one optional file, the above solution does not work well, as this makes all file uploads optional.

Below is an example how to do this for the final uploads.

1. Change the message "Error Uploading File" to "No file uploaded"
2. Change the button "Save Data Without Uploading Files" to "Save Data Now, Do Not Upload More Files"