Topic: Changing the spelling in ConfTool Pro from American English to British English  (Read 54294 times)

We noticed that ConfTool Pro uses American English.
We prefer British English and want for instance change the term "check payment" into "cheque payment".
How do we proceed?

For ConfTool Pro we can also provide a version in British English (and also Canadian English), but the American English version is installed as default.
Please contact us so that we can install the British English language file for you.

You can do further updates to the wordings on this page:
Overview => Settings => Wordings and Phrases
Enter the term you want to modify here and you will be offered the corresponding wording/phrases for possible changes.

Please note: If you find any errors in any of the translations of ConfTool, please get back to us, so we can fix the error for good.