Topic: Can reviewers access the final decision of the PC / Chairs?  (Read 62319 times)

Is it possible for reviewers to see how the program committee and chairs decided on the submissions they reviewed, i.e., whether or not they were ultimately accepted?

You can give reviewers access to the acceptance status as displayed to the authors.

Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Main Settings for the Review Process
… and activate the option “Access of Reviewers to Acceptance Status”.

Reviewers will see the acceptance status only and no further details (see image).
This option is independent of the phase for the display of review results.
As soon as the Program Committee has decided about acceptance, the status will be displayed in the reviewers’ accounts.

Alternatively, you could assign the user status “PC Member” to the reviewers (this status includes additional user rights) and use the PC online forum to give these users access to all review results and the final acceptance status.