Topic: Users are complaining that they can't log in  (Read 43456 times)

Some users are complaining that they are not able to log in to ConfTool.

How can we find out the reason for this problem?

(A German version of this article is available.)

Please go to the list of users first:
Overview => User and Participant Management => List of All Users

Search for the person by entering the respective name or e-mail address and click the button "Search".
If you cannot find the person, he/she probably has not created a user account for this conference yet.
In that case, please ask the person to create a new user account now.

If you have found the person, please click on the name to see the user's details.
This page also shows the last login time, the user name and the password, provided that it was automatically generated and the user has not changed it yet.

Double-check now if the e-mail address is correct and matches the e-mail address of the user who has sent you the request.
If everything is OK, you can use the link "Send Password to User" in the right-hand column to send a new password to this user if necessary (see image 1).

Hint: Every ConfTool installation has a separate user database for privacy reasons. Sometimes people created a user account for another event and now think they can use this account for every conference. Please point out that this is not the case.

If the user has already logged in and you think he/she only lost the password, please refer them to the following page:

Helpful Hints for User Registration and Log-In

If you want to find out more, you can also search the user log of ConfTool Pro.

As administrator, please go to the page:
Overview => User and Participant Management => Browse System Log
… activate the filter “Only Message Type”, choose the setting “Login” (see Image 2) and then enter the user name that you are looking for.

You can also filter for failed login attempts by using the filter "Only Message/Error Level" with the setting "System Warning".
Log entries of unsuccessful attempts show why a log-in failed (e.g. "unknown user name").

Users might also have tried their e-mail address or their first or last name. It is therefore advisable to search for them, too.