Topic: Editing the payment deadline for the registration fee  (Read 35682 times)

ConfTool automatically sends a mail after the registration has been completed. The participant is requested to transfer the registration fee within the next 7 days.

Is it possible to prolong this payment deadline to e.g. 14 days?
Where do I have to set an alternative deadline?

This deadline is just a reminder of the registration terms and we usually recommend not to alter it.
If a participant asks for prolongation of the payment deadline simply answer by e-mail that in his (exceptional) case you accept a prolongation of the payment deadline.

If you decide change the registration terms and to prolong the payment deadline, please change the default phrase "7 days" under "Wordings and Phrases".

Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Wordings and Phrases
Under "Enter Part of Phrase" enter "7 days" and click the button "Submit Search".

You will be offered the respective phrases to be edited.