Topic: How to list submissions with few reviewers / few evaluations?  (Read 61191 times)

Is there any way we can produce a list of submissions with their review assignments?

For example:
Which submissions have only 2 reviewers assigned?
Which submissions have only 1 review completed?

You can use the list of submissions and the filter options to easily access this information.

Please go to:
Overview => Submissions & Reviews => List of Submissions
... select "Show more filter options" and set the "Special Filter".
Here you can choose from many filtering options (see image).

You can also have a look at the reviews received on this page:
Overview => Submissions & Reviews => Results of the Reviewing Procedure & Decision About Acceptance
You can find the same filter options there.
Furthermore, you can sort by the column "Reviews" to get a quick overview.

See also:
Evaluating the Review Results and Setting the Acceptance Status of Submissions

We recommend assigning at least 3 reviewers to each paper, as unfortunately some reviewers forget to submit their reviews.
You will then have at least 2 reviews for most papers.