Topic: Meaning of "Charging Mode", "Starting at" and "Ending at" settings for an event  (Read 86967 times)

Overview => Settings => Manage Events and Items => Edit Event/Item
I don't understand the meaning of the following settings in the section "pricing":
  • Charging Mode
  • Starting at 
  • Ending at
By default "Item or event without choice of date" is set, but what is are the settings for starting and ending date for?

For some conference events or products the participants have to choose a date or time interval. The start and end date of this interval can be set here.

Example for the use of such a time intervals:
  • Day tickets: Participants have to select the day of their attendance. The charging mode is " A day for the event may be chosen"
  • Hotel accommodation. Here participants need to select an arrival and a departure date. The charging mode is "per night"