Topic: Filter out submissions for which there is no registration for participation  (Read 37425 times)

We want to include abstracts of submissions in our conference agenda only if at least one of the authors has registered for participation.
How can we determine for submitted papers if at least one of the authors will take part in the conference?

It is fairly easy to filter out presenting authors who have not registered in the list of all users here (use the filter option "Only Users with Status" and set it to "Presenters of accepted contributions who are NOT yet participants").
Overview => User and Participant Management => List of All Users

It becomes a little more difficult if you want to filter out submissions for which no registration for participation has been recorded, as co-authors cannot always be identified automatically.

For a detailed analysis please go to:
Overview => Data Import and Export => Export Data
and choose the export option "Export of Authors with Contribution Details".
It might be helpful if you further filter by an acceptance status for accepted papers only before the download (see image).

First, sort the list by Paper ID. Then remove all other columns which are not of interest to you. You will probably need "PaperID" and "participant_registration_date,  participant_status, participant_total, participant_amount_paid, participant_amount_open, participant_canceled".

Now you can see for each submission if at least one author has registered as participant and/or paid. Where you can find no registration you might want to double check, as the system compares the e-mail addresses to identify user accounts of co-authors. Therefore, some people might have registered with another address and might not have been identified automatically.

To be able to keep track of the submissions with or without presenting authors who have not registered for participation, you can use two different "Accepted" acceptance statuses. Please note: Submitting authors and authors indicated as presenters will receive the user status "Presenter" once their submission is assigned with an acceptance status for which the option “Will contribution be presented?” has been enabled. Please refer to:,223.0.html
for further information (second answer).

Therefore, you can now create a second acceptance status, call it e.g. “Accepted – no Presenter”, disable the option “Will contribution be presented?” and assign this status to all the submissions without registered authors.