Topic: How to define that participants can select only one event from an event group?  (Read 81139 times)

You want to allow participants to select only one item of a product group.

If you want to limit the selection of certain events/items to one of a set, you have to create a event/item group for them and you have to assign them all to the same group.
Then you have two options:
1. Either set the respective groups mode to “exclusive”, then only one of the items can be selected, as the form uses "radio buttons" for all events/items of this group.
2. Or set the mode to "normal" and set an “upper limit” of 1 for this group. With this setting "checkboxes" are used and participants are allowed to de-select the events/items of this group.

Where do you find the event groups?
Overview => Settings  => Manage Event/Item Groups