Topic: Informing reviewers via bulk mail about submissions assigned for review  (Read 55256 times)

We want to inform reviewers about the papers to be reviewed and use the bulk mail function for this purpose.

How do we proceed and what do we need to consider?

Let's start with two remarks:
  • Make sure that you have assigned the submissions to the reviewers first.

    For more detailed information regarding the assigning process please see:
    How to Assign Reviews in ConfTool
  • After having completed the assignment of papers to reviewers, please activate the reviewing phase.
    Please go to:
    Overview => Settings => Conference Phases and Deadlines
    Go to the section "Reviewing Phase: PC Members and Reviewers Can Access the Submitted Contributions Assigned to Them for Review" and enable the module and define a start and end date.
Now reviewers will have access to the papers to be reviewed.

To notify reviewers, use the bulk mail function.

Please go to:
Overview => Bulk E-mails => Send E-mails to Reviewers
Choose from the filters and in the field "Message" write the content of the e-mail with all the information required for the review process, including the deadlines.

You can and should also send the reviewers their user names in this e-mail.
Please note that you can only send them their passwords if they have not logged in yet, otherwise the passwords are already encrypted and they will see a hint text and a link to the "Lost Password?" page.

You can also use this function to remind those reviewers who have not completed their reviews when the deadline approaches.

For more detailed information on how to use the bulk e-mail function please refer to:
Sending Bulk E-Mails with ConfTool