Topic: ConfTool backup copies  (Read 42017 times)

How often are backup copies made of the settings, persons registered and all further ConfTool data in the database?

If ConfTool runs on our servers backups are made at least 4 times a day on two backup servers.

If you run the system on your own server (e.g. the standard version), you have to take care of backups yourself. There are example scripts in the "install" folder.

If you want to make a local backup yourself (for example directly before the PC meeting or before the conference as you are concerned that there might be network problems at the location) we recommend to use the export functions to export the data as MS Excel files.

Furthermore it might be helpful to print the most important lists to have an "offline" backup.

Here is more information on how to download all uploaded files:
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And how to do a "deep copy" of certain ConfTool pages:
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