Topic: Exporting data of the conference agenda  (Read 52031 times)

What is the best way to export the data of the conference agenda into a text file?

The details of the conference sessions are displayed here:
Overview => Conference Agenda

You can find more information on how to copy pages of the conference agenda to a data carrier or to your website:
How to Create a Browsable Copy for CD, USB Flash Drive or your main Website of the ConfTool Agenda

For exporting the papers for these sessions to Word please proceed as follows:

Please go to this page:
Overview => Scheduling => Edit the Conference Schedule
Here you can open specific sessions or select a specific date or room in order to create the desired view.

First, select "Show Presentations", then select "Show Abstracts" to include the abstracts in the view and finally select "Print View" (see image).
You can now select and copy the whole page (use the keyboard shortcuts CTRL-A and CTRL-C, for OSX please use CMD-A and CMD-C) in your browser and paste the content to a word processing program to edit these submissions.

For Windows, we recommend using Chrome or Edge to copy the text from ConfTool Pro to Word, as Firefox and other browsers might not allow to copy all formatting information. We currently think that you get the best results with Chrome.

For more information please also refer to:
Exporting all abstracts for the printed conference program