Topic: Changing / updating the payment method or details  (Read 53860 times)

A number of participants want to change or update the payment method.
Can they do so themselves and if yes, how?

(A German version of this article is available.)

Usually only administrators or organizers can change the payment method for a registered participant to avoid misunderstandings during the processing of the payment.
As participant, please contact the organizers if you want to change the payment method.

Organizers and administrators can edit the payment method from the "List of All Registrations for Participation":
Overview => User and Participant Management => List of All Registrations for Participation
... when they click on "Edit Registration" in the right-hand column "Action".

Some organizers allow participants to update the payment method themselves.

This feature can be enabled by the administrators here:
Overview => Settings => Manage Payment Options
Scroll down to the option "Payment Mode Update by Users" to change the setting.

If you enable this option, users can select "Enter or Edit Your Payment Details" on their overview screen (see image 1).
Here the participants can select among the available payment methods (see image 2 as an example).
After saving the settings, they see the new option / details on the overview screen.