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Poster Session
Tuesday, 13/Feb/2024:
3:30pm - 5:30pm

Location: Lawson Field Theatre

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Mitigating the hazard from ex-tropical cyclones

Jack McConchie1, Gary McKenzie2, Jamie Botes2, Kevin Ford2, Andrew Shelton2

1SLR Consulting New Zealand, New Zealand; 2Te Kaunihera o Te Tairawhiti (Gisborne District Council)

The evolution of Thirlmere lakes: a multi-lake, multi-chronometric approach

Tim Cohen1, Zenobia Jacobs1, Haidee Cadd1, Matthew Forbes1, Bryce Sherborne-Higgins1, Sam Marx1, Alex Francke2, Alexandru Codilean1, Reka Fulop3, Klaus Wilcken3, Lee Arnold4, Peter Hatherly1

1University of Wollongong, Australia; 2Flinders University; 3Australia’s Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO); 4University of Adelaide

Alluvial Gully Evolution, Contemporary Process and Management

Phuntsho Pelgay, Jack Koci, Ben Jarihani, Scott Smithers

James Cook University, Australia

Bola-scale landsliding from the March 2022 storm, Gisborne/Tairawhiti

Murry Peter Cave

Gisborne District Council, New Zealand

Dune migration in the Barmah-Millewa Forest reach

Alisha Matheson1, Christine Lauchlan Arrowsmith2, Thom Gower2, Andrew Gunn1

1Monash University, Australia; 2Streamology, Australia

Exploring the evolution of the New Bluff playa and timing of water availability in the Darling Anabranch region, NSW, Australia

Sepehr Akhavan Kharazian1, Jan-Hendrik May1, Samuel Marx2, Matthew Cupper1, Felix Lauer1, Abi Stone3

1University of Melbourne, Australia; 2University of Wollongong, Australia; 3University of Manchester, UK

Forecasting evolving landslide hazard and risk in Aotearoa New Zealand under a changing climate

Livio Lionel Dreyer1, Thomas Robinson1, Marwan Katurji1, James Williams1, Kerry Leith2

1University of Canterbury; 2GNS Science

Geomorphic influence on microplastics distribution across coral reefs

Kira Brereton

University of Auckland, New Zealand

Geomorphic work during a small flood: the Wai-Iti River, Tasman, New Zealand

Alastair Clement, Martin Doyle, Rick Lowe

Tasman District Council, New Zealand

Insights into Spatial and Temporal Changes in Suspended Sediment Yield in the Caucasus Mountains during the Anthropocene

Anatolii Tsyplenkov1,2, Valentin Golosov2,3,4

1Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research, New Zealand; 2Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Geography, Moscow, Russia; 3Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Laboratory of Geomorphology, Moscow, Russia; 4Kazan Federal University, Kazan, Russia

Investigation of Australian paleoenvironment through linear dune sediments

Leloba Sametsi Jefferis1, Kathryn Fitzsimmons2, Andrew Gunn1

1Monash University, Australia; 2University of Tübingen, Germany

Landform detail across regional scale: using QGIS to create a residual topography

Gordon J. Wakelin-King1, Gresley A. Wakelin-King1,2

1Wakelin Associates, Australia; 2Latrobe University, Australia

Landscape-scale screening of river avulsion sensitivity in a low-relief, active tectonic setting

Will Conley1,2, Ian Fuller2,3, Sam McColl2,4, Jon Tunnicliffe5

1Primary Industries Team, WSP - New Zealand, New Zealand; 2Massey University, Palmerston North, NZ; 3Tonkin and Taylor, Palmerston North, NZ; 4GNS Science, Lower Hutt, NZ; 5University of Auckland, Auckland, NZ

Landslide dams in Aotearoa: susceptibility, formation and stability

Andrea Wolter1, Emma Norman2, Kevin Norton2, Regine Morgenstern1

1GNS Science, New Zealand; 2Victoria University Wellington, New Zealand

Landslide dams in Aotearoa: the case of Tokomaru Bay, Cyclone Gabrielle

Andrea Wolter1, Brenda Rosser1, Murry Cave2, Regine Morgenstern1, Jason Farr1, Chris Massey1

1GNS Science, New Zealand; 2Gisborne District Council, New Zealand

Multi-temporal geomorphic analysis to evaluate event-driven hillslope sediment supply to drainage in a clay-rich basin

Michele Santangelo1, Federica Fiorucci1, Francesco Brardinoni2, Mauro Rossi1

1Istituto di Ricerca per la Protezione Idrogeologica, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italia; 2Dipartimento di Scienze Biologiche Geologiche e Ambientali, Università di Bologna, Italia

North Sea high-energy events recorded in a sheltered coastal pond, SW Norway

Francis Chantel Nixon, Max Holthuis, Jake Martin, Maria Peter

Department of Geography, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Quantifying Geomorphic Change During Estuary Entrance Openings: a field study

Sarah Louise McSweeney, Justin Stout

University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Relationships between hillslope instability triggered by the Storm Alex 2020 (Northern Italy) and sediment connectivity

Federica Fiorucci

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy

Sand thickness in the Simpson Desert: insights from seismic refraction data

Mohammed Hussain Alsaleh1,2, Abdullatif A. Al-Shuhail3, A. Gunn1

1Monash University, Australia; 2Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia; 3King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia

Sediment source for Titan’s equatorial dunes

Nicole Elizabeth Bintliff1, Jani Radebaugh2, Andrew Gunn1

1Monash University, Australia; 2Brigham Young University, Provo.

From the real-world to the sandbox and back out again: physical modelling of bank erosion and a novel stabilisation approach

David L Adams1,2, Lucy G MacKenzie2, Sarah Davidson1,2, Marwan A Hassan1

1University of British Columbia, Canada; 2BGC Engineering Inc.