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PRELIMINARY Session Overview
Keynote 1: Prof Dr Stefan C. Wolter
Wednesday, 02/Feb/2022:
11:15am - 12:15pm

Location: Plenary Hall

Tradition alone will probably not get us further

Looking back at two decades of research on the economics of VET/PET, we have gained some insights into the functioning of the VET market, the behavior of firms, learners, and the state. Some of these insights will also help us to ensure the functioning of the VET/PET system in the coming years, when technical and economic structural change (keyword digitalization) and socio-political changes will continue to challenge the system. However, the keynote talk will not only take stock of these findings but will also take the opportunity to address those questions to which we have either not yet found a satisfactory answer or those that will only arise in the future, and we are not sure whether the "old" instruments will also help us to solve new problems. These include, for example, the questions of how to reduce cultural resistance to vocational education and training, why certain systems are extremely susceptible to economic cycles and shocks and others are not, how to maintain the willingness of companies to train when real activities shift to the areas of competence of tertiary education, or how the interaction of general education and vocational education and training is to be designed so that the latter does not run the risk of falling into a negative spiral. One thing is certain: relying on the fact that the Swiss system has always mastered previous crises because it is built on a long tradition will not provide sufficient guarantee that it will also master all future crises. However, this opens up new perspectives for a forward-looking research agenda, which dynamic VET research would have to tackle already today.

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