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Location: Room 4
Date: Thursday, 03/Feb/2022
Poster Session 4D
Location: Room 4
Chair: Sonja ENGELAGE

The impact of technologization in the region on gendered occupational aspirations and career choices for STEM and health professions

Jonas Detemple, Katarina Weßling, Corinna Kleinert

Unintended Consequences: A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Companies’ Provision of Training

Maria Esther OSWALD-EGG, Katie CAVES

Vocational education vs the general education: For the same job "customer advisors in French and Mexican banks".


Identification of Relevant Indicators for Adaptive and Personalized Workplace Learning Environments

Yvonne Michelle HEMMLER, Dirk IFENTHALER

Identification of new qualifications and competences (NQCs) through systematic monitoring of VET-relevant indicators

Inga SCHAD-DANKWART, Thomas Felkl, Hannelore Mottweiler, Uwe Neugebauer, Gunther Spillner, Miriam von Kiedrowski

Symposium 4: The future of vocational training in the 1950s and 1970s
Location: Room 4
Chair: Lorenzo BONOLI
Chair: Philipp GONON

Discussant: Philipp GONON


Is the future in the past our present? The future of Swiss VET in the 1950s-1970s. The foundations of the current situation.

Lorenzo BONOLI, Philipp Gonon, Jackie Vorpe, Lena Freidorfer

Planning for the future of VET: the French way (1945-1975)

Antoine VERNET

Continuity and Reform in German VET 1950 to 1970


Date: Friday, 04/Feb/2022
Paper Session 6D: International VET systems
Location: Room 4
Chair: Lorenzo BONOLI

Evolutionary trajectories of dual systems in Europe: the risk of reproducing inequalities

Sandra D'AGOSTINO, Silvia Vaccaro

How does Vocational Education and Training in Norway ensure a sustainable system to meet social inequality among students?

Anna Cecilia RAPP, Eli Smeplass

Vocational Training Pathways in Spain: the paradox of catching up dropouts


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