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Date: Wednesday, 22/Mar/2017
3PM1b: Quasi-static coupling of the magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere system
Location: Swarm Meeting Room
Chair: Andrew W. Yau
Chair: Astrid Maute

Keynote: A Swarm Perspective on M-I-T Coupling

Octav Marghitu

Longitudinal Gradients in Ionospheric Currents as Deduced with the Method of Spherical Elementary Current Systems

Kirsti Marjatta Kauristie, Sebastian Käki, Heikki Vanhamäki, Anita Aikio, Liisa Juusola

Evidence That Field-Aligned Currents Do Not Saturate

Daniel Ray Weimer, Thom R. Edwards, Hermann Luhr

Unified Global and Local Perspectives on High-latitude Ionospheric Electrodynamics

Tomoko Matsuo, Claudia Stolle

Poynting Flux Estimation from Electric and Magnetic Field Data of the Swarm Constellation

Jaeheung Park, Hermann Luehr, Claudia Stolle, Juan Rodriguez-Zuluaga, David Knudsen, Johnathan Burchill, Young-Sil Kwak

Birkeland Current Boundary Flows

William Archer, David Knudsen, Johnathan Burchill, Brian Jackel, Eric Donovan, Martin Connors, Liisa Juusola

3PM2b: Magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere coupling: turbulence and waves
Location: Swarm Meeting Room
Chair: Ivan Pakhotin
Chair: Karl M. Laundal

Keynote: Magnetic Field Turbulence and Scaling Features in the Polar Ionosphere: Results from Swarm Mission

Giuseppe Consolini, Paola De Michelis, Roberta Tozzi, Maria Federica Marcucci

Diagnosing the Electrodynamics of Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling Using the Swarm Satellite Constellation: The Role of Alfven Waves?

Ian Robert Mann, Ivan P. Pakhotin, Colin Forsyth, I. Jonathan Rae, David J. Knudsen, Johnathan Burchill, Louis G. Ozeke, Kyle R. Murphy, Jesper W. Gjerloev, George Balasis, Ioannis A. Daglis

Ion Energization Processes Observed by ePOP, DMSP, and SWARM

William K Peterson, R.J. Redmon, J. Burchill, J. Howarth, D. Knudsen, A.W. Yau

Statistical Analysis of the Field-Aligned Currents in the Cusp with Swarm

Xi Bai, Frederic Pitout, Hermann Lühr, Yulia V. Bogdanova, Stephan C. Buchert

FLR Event Studies With SWARM-SuperDARN Conjunctions

Frances Fenrich, David Knudsen, Eric Donovan, D. Megan Gillies

Coordinated Swarm In Situ and THEMIS All Sky Imager (ASI) Observations of the Motion of Patchy Pulsating Aurora

Bing Yang, Eric Donovan, Jun Liang, Jonathan Burchill, Emma Spanswick, David Knudsen

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