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Date: Wednesday, 22/Mar/2017
3PM1a: Satellite geodesy missions today I
Location: Lynx Room: Geodesy
Chair: Frank Michael Flechtner
Chair: Matthias Weigelt

Keynote: Geodetic Space Sensors for Height System Unification and Absolute Sea Level Determination

Thomas Gruber

Keynote: GNSS-Augmented Radar Transponders for InSAR Datum Connection

Ramon Hanssen

Potential of Global SAR Positioning for Geodetic Applications – Lessons Learned from TerraSAR-X and Sentinel-1

Christoph Gisinger, Martin Willberg, Ulrich Balss, Stefan Hackel, Michael Eineder, Thomas Gruber

European Gravity Service For Improved Emergency Management

Adrian Jäggi, Matthias Weigelt, Frank Flechtner, Andreas Güntner, Torsten Mayer-Gürr, Sandro Martinis, Sean Bruinsma, Jakob Flury, Stéphane Bourgogne, & EGSIEM team

Near Realtime Mass Transport Products for Monitoring of Hydrological Extreme Events

Frank Flechtner, Christian Gruber, Andreas Kvas, Torsten Mayer-Gürr, Andreas Güntner, Ben Gouweleeuw, Quiang Chen, Tonie van Dam

3PM2a: Future of geodesy from space
Location: Lynx Room: Geodesy
Chair: Roger Haagmans
Chair: Adrian Jäggi

Keynote: New Missions for Improving the Terrestrial Reference Frame: Means and Impacts

Richard Biancale

Current Status of the GRACE Follow-On Mission

Frank Flechtner, Frank Webb, Michael Watkins, Felix Landerer, Christoph Dahle, Srinivas Bettadpur

Keynote: Science and User Needs for Sustained Observation of Global Mass Transport by Future Gravity Field Mission Concepts

Roland Pail

Towards a Sustained Observing System for Mass Transport to Understand Global Change and to Benefit Society

Pieter Nicolaas Visser, Srinivas Bettadpur, Don Chambers, Michel Diament, Thomas Gruber, Edward Hanna, Matthew Rodell, David Wiese

Impact of Orbit Design Choices on the Gravity Field Retrieval of Next Generation Gravity Missions - Insights on the ESA-ADDCON Project

Ilias Daras, Pieter Visser, Nico Sneeuw, Tonie van Dam, Roland Pail, Thomas Gruber, Sajad Tabibi, Qiang Chen, Wei Liu, Mohammad Tourian, Johannes Engels, Peyman Saemian, Christian Siemes, Roger Haagmans

GOCE and Beyond: Status and Activities

Rune Floberghagen, Roger Haagmans

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