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Short Presentation77: Using simulation to prepare APS students for their first apprenticeship (Laforge, Marine)
Wednesday, 31/Aug/2022:
3:30pm - 5:00pm

Location: CHUV auditorium Auguste Tissot

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Using simulation to prepare APS students for their first apprenticeship.

Marine Laforge

HESAV, Switzerland


The Année Propédeutique Santé (APS), allows students to discover and create their path in the direction of a health-related field work, within the HES-Santé organization, such as nursing, physiotherapy, ergotherapy, nutrition and dietetic, osteopathy and medical radiology technicians.

APS’s particularity lies in the regular combination of theoretical lessons with practical sessions and also 8 weeks in socio-medical apprenticeship. This multiplicity of approaches helps students define their future professional career path.

During the last 2 academic periods, in order to address the Covid situation in the health care environment, the APS educational content framework (Plan d’étude cadre) had to be adapted by reducing the apprenticeship from 8 weeks to 6 weeks.

It was then decided to compensate those apprenticeship hours with simulation practices, using High Fidelity (HF) models, in order to mobilize knowledge and abilities during situations as close to reality of care.


This new didactic modality offered to students, will allow them to put into action theoretical and practical knowledge in a context of simulation but as in the case in health care.


The simulation sessions were organized before students left to their socio-medical apprenticeship.

In order to prepare for these sessions, a session (briefing) was held to inform them about aims, objectives and expectations of the simulation session and to introduce the specific clinical situation.

Supporting material for this lesson was uploaded on Cyberlearn.

During the simulation activity, students participated in groups of two during 10 minutes. The rest of the group observed them via video transmission from another room. A 5 minutes feedback was given after each 10 minutes session.

2 debriefing periods on site took place one week after the simulation session to review all the simulation sessions participated/observed.


Sometimes, students didn’t come well prepared to the simulation sessions. All were very anxious before the sessions. But to ensure a secure environment and the activation of knowledge, proved to be very helpful for students. Significant benefits in the learning have been noticed during the discussions with the trainer and the fellow students.

In 2021, a survey was organized with 45 students during a debriefing session in order to analyze and support of this pedagogical approach. More than half of the students felt that the simulation situation allowed them to develop knowledge and to develop self-analysis abilities and therefore, be better prepared when starting the apprenticeship.

Students repeatedly highlighted the importance of having the debriefing on site in order to get

accustomed to the Model Hight fidelity (HF), having a clinical situation as possible to reality, students

required to have more time after the simulation in order to debrief thorough and have the opportunity

to redo a simulation in the same session and the last demand is to do the simulation with a real patient

instead of a model lacking realism.


Simulation allows to approach healthcare reality in a safe environment. This allows to adapt the knowledge and the abilities for APS students.

APS students are a very heterogeneous population in their learnings, which is why, an assimilation, accommodation and generalization process is interesting.

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