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Date: Friday, 15/Sep/2017
Keynote Talk 6: Thomas Ludwig: Computational Climate Science on the Way to Exaflops and Exabytes
A10: Parallel Solutions for AI and Machine Learning

Implementing Deep Neural Networks on Fresh Breeze

Jack Dennis, Lei Huang, William Lim, Hsiang-Huang Wu, Yuzhong Yan

A performance study of machine and deep learning frameworks on CINECA HPC systems

Giuseppe Fiameni, Riccardo Zanella

B10: Parallel Programming and Clouds

Adaptive Execution of Parallel Programs on Grids and Clouds

Vaidy Sunderam

Scientific Workflows on Clouds with Heterogeneous and Preemtible Instances

Fabio Tordini, Marco Aldinucci, Paolo Viviani, Ivan Merelli, Pietro Liò

C10: GPU and accelerators

Strategies for Forward Modelling of Infrared Radiative Transfer on GPUs

Paul F Baumeister, Benedikt Rombach, Thorsten Hater, Sabine Griessbach, Lars Hoffmann, Markus Buehler, Dirk Pleiter

Deeply Heterogeneous Many-Accelerator Infrastructure for HPC Architecture Exploration

José Flich, Alessandro Cilardo, Mario Kovaç, Rafael Tornero, Jose Maria Martínez, Tomas Picornell

D10-EDGE: IoT and Edge Computing - 1

FPGAs for high-productivity and low-power edge computing

Jose Nunez-Yanez

Coffee Break & Exhibition
A11: High-level Parallel Programming Models

Towards Distributed Parallel Programming Support for the SPar DSL

Dalvan Griebler, Luiz Gustavo Fernandes

High-level Parallel Implementation of Swarm Intelligence-based Optimization Algorithms with Algorithmic Skeletons

Fabian Wrede, Breno Augusto de Melo Menezes, Luis Filipe de Araujo Pessoa, Bernd Hellingrath, Fernando Buarque de Lima Neto, Herbert Kuchen

B11: Array Programming

Vectorization Strategies for Ant Colony Optimization on Intel Architectures

Victoriano Montesinos Cánovas, José Manuel García Carrasco

A GPU Based Optimization Strategy Efficient on Other Modern Architectures

Ludomir Oteski, Guillaume Colin de Verdière, Sylvain Contassot-Vivier, Stéphane Vialle, Juliette Ryan

C11: Parallel Programming and Clouds
D11-EDGE: IoT and Edge Computing - 2

Edge-as-a-Service: Towards Distributed Cloud Architectures

Blesson Varghese, Nan Wang, Jianyu Li, Dimitrios S. Nikolopoulos

Flexible Distributed Computing Across End-Devices, the Edge and the Cloud

Alexandros Patras, Spyros Lalis, Christos D. Antonopoulos

Power Modelling for Heterogeneous Cloud-Edge Data Centers

Kai Chen, Blesson Varghese, Peter Kilpatrick, Dimitrios S. Nikolopoulos

Edge and Cloud Provider Cost Minimization by Exploiting Extended Voltage and Frequency Margins

Christos Kalogirou, Panos Koutsovasilis, Manolis Maroudas, Christos D. Antonopoulos, Spyros Lalis, Nikolaos Bellas

Closing Session

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