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Session Overview
Date: Wednesday, 13/Sep/2017
Keynote Talk 3: Marco Aldinucci: Partitioned Global Address Space in the mainstream of C++ programming
A4: Real-Time and Adaptive Systems - 1

Optimizing Communication and Synchronization in CAF Applications

Alessandro Fanfarillo, Davide Del Vento, Patrick Nichols

Self-scheduling for Heterogeneous Distributed Tasks

Luis A. García-González, César R. García-Jacas, Liesner Acevedo-Martinez, Rafael Trujillo-Rasua, Dirk Roose

B4: Energy Awareness and Efficiency - 1

A Bottleneck-centric Tuning Policy for Optimizing Energy in Parallel Programs

Mark Endrei, Chao Jin, Minh Dinh, David Abramson, Heidi Poxon, Luiz Derose, Bronis R de Supinski

Energy Saving and Thermal Management Opportunities in a Workload-Aware MPI Runtime for a Scientific HPC Computing Node

Daniele Cesarini, Andrea Bartolini, Luca Benini

C4: GPU computing - 1
D4-E-Aware: Energy Aware Scientific Computing on low power and heterogeneous architectures - 1

Multi-node advanced performance and power analysis with Paraver

Filippo Mantovani, Enrico Calore

Decoupled Access-Execute: Pioneering Compilation for Energy Efficiency

Alexandra Jimborean

Coffee Break & Exhibition
A5: Real-Time and Adaptive Systems - 2

State-Aware Concurrency Throttling

Daniele De Sensi, Peter Kilpatrick, Massimo Torquati

On architecture for future petascale computing

Ludek Kucera

B5: Energy Awareness and Efficiency - 2

Optimizing a RBF Interpolation Solver for Energy on Heterogeneous Systems

Patrick Schiffmann, Dirk Martin, Gundolf Haase, Günter Offner

Implications of Reduced-Precision Computations in HPC: Performance, Energy and Error

Stefano Cherubin, Giovanni Agosta, Imane Lasri, Erven Rohou, Olivier Sentieys

C5: GPU computing - 2

GPU Accelerated Storage Efficient Implementation of the QR Decomposition

Peter Benner, Martin Köhler, Carolin Penke

D5-E-Aware: Energy Aware Scientific Computing on low power and heterogeneous architectures - 2

Energy-efficiency evaluation of Intel KNL for HPC workloads

Enrico Calore, Alessandro Gabbana, Sebastiano Fabio Schifano, Raffaele Tripiccione

Numerical relativity with many-core architectures

Roberto Alfieri, Sebastiano Bernuzzi, Pablo Galaviz, Albino Perego, David Radice

A6: Real-Time and Adaptive Systems - 3

CalCul: A Python-based Workspace for High-Performance Parameters-Survey in Scientific Legacy Codes

Gal Oren, Guy Malamud

Comparing Actor System Topologies and Parameters Using BeCoMe

Marco Grebe, Tilman Lacko, Rita Loogen

B6: Energy Awareness and Efficiency - 3

Design-time Analysis for the READEX Tool Suite

Anamika Chowdhury, Madhura Kumaraswamy, Michael Gerndt

A nature-inspired, anytime and parallel algorithm for Big Data stream clustering

Giandomenico Spezzano, Andrea Vinci

C6: GPU computing - 3

A fast implementation of a multidomain spectral finite elements method on CPU and GPU applied to ultrasound propagation

Carlos Carrascal-Manzanares, Alexandre Imperiale, Gilles Rougeron, Vincent Bergeaud, Lionel Lacassagne

SYCL-BLAS: Combining expression trees and kernel fusion on heterogeneous systems

José I. Aliaga, Ruyman Reyes, Mehdi Goli

D6-E-Aware: Energy Aware Scientific Computing on low power and heterogeneous architectures - 3

Large scale low power architectures computing system: status of ExaNeSt and EuroExa projects

Piero Vicini

The brain on low power scalable architectures: efficient simulation of cortical slow waves and asynchronous states

Andrea Biagioni

The INFN COSA project experience and low power computing and storage

Lucia Morganti, Daniele Cesini, Andrea Ferraro, Elena Corni, Antonio Falabella, Luca Lama

Coffee Break & Exhibition
Session 7: Industrial Session

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