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Session Overview
Date: Wednesday, 13/Sep/2017
Keynote Talk 3: Marco Aldinucci
A4: Real-Time and Adaptive Systems - 1

Optimizing Communication and Synchronization in CAF Applications

Alessandro Fanfarillo, Davide Del Vento, Patrick Nichols

Self-scheduling for Heterogeneous Distributed Tasks

Luis A. García-González, César R. García-Jacas, Liesner Acevedo-Martinez, Rafael Trujillo-Rasua, Dirk Roose

B4: Energy Awareness and Efficiency - 1

A Bottleneck-centric Tuning Policy for Optimizing Energy in Parallel Programs

Mark Endrei, Chao Jin, Minh Dinh, David Abramson, Heidi Poxon, Luiz Derose, Bronis R de Supinski

Energy Saving and Thermal Management Opportunities in a Workload-Aware MPI Runtime for a Scientific HPC Computing Node

Daniele Cesarini, Andrea Bartolini, Luca Benini

C4: GPU computing - 1

Comprehensive Optimization of Parametric Kernels for Graphics Processing Units

Xiaohui Chen, Marc Moreno Maza, Ning Xie

Strategies for Forward Modelling of Infrared Radiative Transfer on GPUs

Paul F Baumeister, Benedikt Rombach, Thorsten Hater, Sabine Griessbach, Lars Hoffmann, Markus Buehler, Dirk Pleiter

D4-E-Aware: Energy Aware Scientific Computing on low power and heterogeneous architectures - 1
Coffee Break & Exhibition
A5: Real-Time and Adaptive Systems - 2

State-Aware Concurrency Throttling

Daniele De Sensi, Peter Kilpatrick, Massimo Torquati

On architecture for future petascale computing

Ludek Kucera

B5: Energy Awareness and Efficiency - 2

Optimizing a RBF Interpolation Solver for Energy on Heterogeneous Systems

Patrick Schiffmann, Dirk Martin, Gundolf Haase, Günter Offner

Implications of Reduced-Precision Computations in HPC: Performance, Energy and Error

Stefano Cherubin, Giovanni Agosta, Imane Lasri, Erven Rohou, Olivier Sentieys

C5: GPU computing - 2

Real-Time Simulation and Prognosis of Smoke Propagation Using GPUs - Complex Geometries and Dynamic Domain Extension

Anne Severt, Lukas Arnold

GPU Accelerated Storage Efficient Implementation of the QR Decomposition

Peter Benner, Martin Köhler, Carolin Penke

D5-E-Aware: Energy Aware Scientific Computing on low power and heterogeneous architectures - 2
A6: Real-Time and Adaptive Systems - 3

CalCul: A Python-based Workspace for High-Performance Parameters-Survey in Scientific Legacy Codes

Gal Oren, Guy Malamud

Comparing Actor System Topologies and Parameters Using BeCoMe

Marco Grebe, Tilman Lacko, Rita Loogen

B6: Energy Awareness and Efficiency - 3

Design-time Analysis for the READEX Tool Suite

Anamika Chowdhury, Madhura Kumaraswamy, Michael Gerndt

A nature-inspired, anytime and parallel algorithm for Big Data stream clustering

Giandomenico Spezzano, Andrea Vinci

C6: GPU computing - 3

A fast implementation of a multidomain spectral finite elements method on CPU and GPU applied to ultrasound propagation

Carlos Carrascal-Manzanares, Alexandre Imperiale, Gilles Rougeron, Vincent Bergeaud, Lionel Lacassagne

SYCL-BLAS: Combining expression trees and kernel fusion on heterogeneous systems

José I. Aliaga, Ruyman Reyes, Mehdi Goli

D6-E-Aware: Energy Aware Scientific Computing on low power and heterogeneous architectures - 3
Coffee Break & Exhibition
Session 7: Industrial Session

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