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Date: Tuesday, 12/Sep/2017
Conference Opening
Opening Speech: Maria Chiara Carrozza
Keynote Talk 1: Gustav Kalbe
Keynote Talk 2: Andris Ambainis
Coffee Break & Exhibition
A1: High Performance Numerical Solving - 1

Application of Eisenstat-SSOR Preconditioner to Realistic Stress Analysis Problem by Parallel Cache-Cache Computing

Kuniyoshi Abe, Seiji Fujino

Communication avoiding Neumann expansion preconditioner for LOBPCG method: Convergence property of exact diagonalization method for Hubbard model

Susumu Yamada, Toshiyuki Imamura, Masahiko Machida

B1: Parallel Systems for Physics and Simulations - 1

Long range forces in a performance portable Molecular Dynamics framework

William Robert Saunders, Eike Hermann Müller, James Grant

Modeling of Water Purification on Supercomputers

Tatiana Kudryashova, Sergey Polyakov

C1-REPARA: Third International Workshop on Reengineering for Parallelism in Heterogeneous Parallel Platforms - 1
D1-ParaFPGA: Keynote - Christian Pilato

Bridging the Gap between Software and Hardware Designers

Pilato Christian

A2: High Performance Numerical Solving - 2

Porting of the DBCSR library for Sparse Matrix-Matrix Multiplications to Intel Xeon Phi systems

Iain Bethune, Andreas Gloess, Juerg Hutter, Alfio Lazzaro, Hans Pabst, Fiona Reid

Performance Prediction of a Parallel-in-Time Solver based on MGRIT.

Valeria Mele, Emil Costantinescu, Luisa Carracciuolo, Luisa D'Amore

B2: Parallel Systems for Physics and Simulations - 2

Memetic Phase Retrieval and HPC for the Imaging of Matter at Atomic Resolution

Alessandro Colombo, Liberato De Caro, Davide Emilio Galli

Benchmarking a hemodynamics application on Intel based HPC systems: preliminary results

Ferdinando Auricchio, Marco Fedele, Marco Ferretti, Adrien Lefieux, Rodrigo Romarowski, Luigi Santangelo, Alessandro Veneziani

C2-REPARA: Third International Workshop on Reengineering for Parallelism in Heterogeneous Parallel Platforms - 2
D2-ParaFPGA: High Level Synthesis techniques and applications

Pipelined Streaming Computation of Histogram in FPGA OpenCL

Mohammad Hosseinabady, Jose Nunez-Yanez

On Coding Techniques for Targeting FPGAs via OpenCL

Nuno Paulino, Luís Reis, João M.P. Cardoso

Implementation of the K-means algorithm on heterogeneous devices: a use case based on an industrial dataset

Ying Hao Xu Lin, Miquel Vidal, Beñat Arejita, Javier Diaz, Carlos Alvarez, Daniel Jiménez González, Xavier Martorell Bofill, Filippo Mantovani

Coffee Break & Exhibition
A3: High Performance Numerical Solving - 3

On parallel performance and numerical stability of the pipelined Conjugate Gradient and BiCGStab algorithms

Siegfried Cools, Jeffrey Cornelis, Wim Vanroose

Solving Sparse Linear Systems of Equations using CAF

Ambra Abdullahi Hassan, Valeria Cardellini, Salvatore Filippone

Design Towards Modern High Performance LA Library Enabling Heterogeneity and Flexible Data Formats

Toshiyuki Imamura, Daichi Mukunoki, Yusuke Hirota, Susumu Yamada, Masahiko Machida

Spectral acceleration of parallel iterative eigensolvers for large scale scientific computing

Luca Bergamaschi, Angeles Martinez

Scalable block-tridiagonal eigensolvers in the context of electronic structure calculations

Alejandro Lamas Daviña, Xavier Cartoixà, Jose E. Roman

Solving Sparse Triangular Systems on a Multicore Machine

Sirine Marrakchi, Mohamed Jemni

B3: Parallel Systems for Physics and Simulations - 3

A Highly-Scalable, Algorithm-Based Fault-Tolerant Solver for Gyrokinetic Plasma Simulations

Michael Obersteiner, Alfredo Parra Hinojosa, Heene Mario, Hans-Joachim Bungartz, Dirk Pflüger

Parallel ray tracing algorithm for numerical analysis in radiative media physics

Olga Olkhovskaya, Vladimir Gasilov, Mikhail Yakobovskiy, Alexey Kotelnikov

A Parallel Simulator of Quench in Superconducting Magnets

Giuseppe Ciaccio, Valerio Calvelli, Fabio Di Benedetto

SPMC: Scalable Python Markov Chain Monte Carlo with application to Bayesian parameter inference in stochastic ecological models

Jonas Sukys, Mira Kattwinkel

A Parallel Module for Multiblock Structured Grids in JASMIN and its Applications

Hong Guo, Aiqing Zhang, Zeyao Mo

Performance Evaluation and Optimization of MagnetoHydroDynamic Simulation for Planetary Magnetosphere with Xeon Phi KNL

Keiichiro Fukazawa, Takeshi Soga, Takayuki Umeda, Takeshi Nanri

C3-REPARA: Third International Workshop on Reengineering for Parallelism in Heterogeneous Parallel Platforms - 3
D3-ParaFPGA: Spatial computing

Highly Parallel Lattice QCD Wilson Dirac Operator with FPGAs

Thomas Janson, Udo Kebschull

Spatial Memory Trace Prediction

Nadeen Yassir Gebara, Kermin Fleming


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