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Sat Poster 1-4F
Saturday, 19/May/2018:
11:00am - 12:00pm

Location: 4th floor corridor

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Active Learning Through Poster Presentations

B. Cullen2, B. Backwell1

1Nagoya City University, Japan; 2Nagoya Institute of Technology

In this poster presentation, we share our experiences in promoting active learning through the use of student poster presentations. Poster presentations are a natural way to promote active learning by creating a performance space in which students take on the role of expert on their selected topic. Each student creates a poster which acts as a visual prop in the presentation. We share our rationale for this activity, a procedure for ensuring smooth effective presentations, examples of student work, and student feedback.

An Investigation into Teachers and Students’ Perceptions on “What do you think?”

S.-R. HE

Kanda University of International Studies, Japan

“What do you think?”, or similar variations, either in spoken or written form, is a question that teachers frequently use for the purpose of examining and understanding learners’ learning. While this type of question can be effective to some extent in understanding more about students’ thinking or decision-making process, it does not always serve its purpose in facilitating learning or teaching due to the possible discrepancies in perceptions between two sides. This poster presentation will show results of the interviews from both teachers and students in the context of a Japanese University and discuss the implications for teaching.

The Language Exchange (LEX) Programme: Reflections on the First Year

S. Morikawa, K. Nishizumi

Chiba University, Japan

The Language Exchange (LEX) programme, which started at Chiba University in April 2017, is designed to help students form partnerships to teach language and exchange cultural information, according to a learning plan jointly developed by the student partners. More than 200 Chiba University students participated in 2017, studying a total of 14 languages. This poster session will outline reasons for starting the LEX programme in Chiba University, features of the programme, how the programme was conducted, and students’ responses to a feedback questionnaire. The presenters will reflect on positive student feedback and aspects of the LEX programme that need improvement.

Working Towards Accessibility in Language Learning

R. Moriya1, A. Reimann1, R. Sato2

1Utsunomiya University; 2Tsuda University

An increasing number of teachers are becoming aware of learners with special needs. The Anti-discrimination Laws against People with Disabilities took effect in 2016. By adopting a social model of disability, the laws redefine disability as inaccessibility to social resources and require language teaching to improve accessibility to learning resources. This presentation highlights discussions towards forming a new special interest group concerning accessibility in language learning (ALL). Presenters will share a collection of classroom/community stories regarding learners with diverse needs including areas in communication, gender, and learning. Participants are welcome to share their interests in developing a new SIG.

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