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Sat1100-2: Associate Member Presentation
Saturday, 19/May/2018:
11:00am - 11:25am

Location: 4402

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Recognizing Hyperbole: The Best Presentation Ever

A. Graham-Marr

ABAX ELT Publishing; アバックス(有限会社 )

Understanding text requires that we understand its underlying meaning. We need to be able to to distinguish fact from opinion, or recognize when rhetorical devices are being used to skew our world view. We need to recognize emotive words, hyperbole and euphemism. We need an recognize how the mere choice of what to include and what to omit leads to bias. Such critical thinking skills can be taught and should be taught. And furthermore can be taught in lower-level classes. Class materials will be presented that both develop our students’ language abilities while cultivating a more critical eye.

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