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Session Overview
Date: Sunday, 20/May/2018
SunAM: Registration, Associate Member Promotion, Coffee Break
Plenary 2: Conversation: Supporting Teachers
Location: 5100

Supporting Teachers

These plenary speakers will share their research and experience as a way of exploring the efficacy of teacher development activities. This conversation will likely explore contextual constraints as well as teacher anxiety and what can be done to address these.

GALE Sun1100-1
Location: 4401

Female Representation in Japanese EFL Textbooks

N. Suezawa

Sun1100-2: Associate Member Presentation
Location: 4402

Xreading: What’s New and What’s Next

P. Goldberg

CUE Sun1100-3
Location: 4403

Will You Favour Me? The Importance of Formulaic Language

J. A. Jordan

Location: 4404

Conceptualizing a model for assessment in CLIL

M. A. J. deBoer

THT Sun1100-4
Location: 4406

Teacher Efficacy and Effective Language Teaching in 21st Century Learning

A. S. P. Tyas

SO Sun1100-5
Location: 4501

Driving traffic to your school via Google

J. M. Gayed

PRAG Sun1100-6
Location: 4505

A Closer Look at Cotext

R. C. Olson

Vocab Sun1100-7
Location: 4605

“NG Words” for Enriching Lexical Repertoire

Y. Ogawa

PanSIG 2019: Planning Meeting
Location: 5100
Poster 3- 4F
Location: 4th floor corridor

Using WebQuests for Business Majors

T. E. Bieri

Japanese Learner Attitudes Toward Peer & Self-Assessment

S. Haga

SALC Rainbow Forum: Establishing a student community group to discuss LGBTQ+ themes

L. Kipling, J. Holowczyk, E. Okamoto

Poster 3- 5F
Location: 5th floor corridor

Analysis of High School Vocabulary Workbooks

A. Blaker

How Interview Tasks in Chat Rooms Affect Speaking

N. Takase

How Self-Efficacy Beliefs Spur Student Achievement

D. Kobayashi

Facebook Videos Uploads: Major Motivator

C. P. Madden

Location: 4405

BSIG Forum

A. Shaitan, J. Norman, L. Kiyama, M. Klein

TD Forum
Location: 4502

Exploring The Role That SIGs Play In Teacher Development: Three Interviews

M. Turner, A. Yoshida, M. Ellis

Location: 4503

Get to know the BrainSIG better

M. Helgesen, A. J. Gillis-Furutaka, C. Handley, J. Duplice, Y. Masda

Location: 4504

Ideas for Teaching Business English Classes

A. Dods, C. A. Nevitt, S. Humphries, R. Gabbrielli

THT Forum
Location: 4603

Publishing And Professional Development In Partner Countries

S. Cornwell, P. Dougherty

CALL Sun1130-1
Location: 4401

What Makes Language Students Succeed Online

A. Ueno

TYL Sun1130-2
Location: 4402

Self-efficacy: Helping young learners realize their potential

C. Yanase

CUE Sun1130-3
Location: 4403

A Caterpillar Named Daniel- A Kamishibai Project

B. R. Southwick, N. Inoue

Location: 4404
Sun1130-4: Associate Member Presentation
Location: 4406

English as a Lingua Franca: Are there limits?

A. Graham-Marr

SO Sun1130-5
Location: 4501

School Ownership: The Unbiased Reality

G. L. Osterman

Sun1130-6: Associate Member Presentation
Location: 4505

Class Booster: Using Blended Digital Solutions

J. Edwards

VOCAB Sun1130-7
Location: 4605

Learning words effectively with Word Learner

R. Waring

Sun Lunch/AMs: Pre-order bentos available on 1F, Associate Member Promotion
GALE Sun1300-1
Location: 4401

Investigating Diversity: An Exploration Of Conference Attendance

T. M. McCandie, C. Fujishima

ER Sun1300-2
Location: 4402

A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Extensive Reading and Repeated Reading

J. R. Hunt

CUE Sun1300-3
Location: 4403

A Critical Reading Project: Steps to Independent Academic Reading Skills

N. Naganuma, C. Brown

CUE Sun1300-8
Location: 4404

Collaboration for Professional Development

W. M Gough, D. Lucovich

Brain Sun1300-9
Location: 4405

Intrinsic And Extrinsic Motivation Among English Language Learning Writers In Japan

J. A. Duplice

LD Sun1300-4
Location: 4406

Four-skill tasks reflecting Bloom's taxonomy

Y. Saito

CUE Sun1300-5
Location: 4501

Student Views on Formative Assessment in Listening

M. J. Crawford

TD Sun1300-10
Location: 4502

Towards Autonomy in Reflective Teacher Development

P. Brereton, D. Young

CUE Sun1300-11
Location: 4503

Developing Seminar Participation Skills

T. P. Stones

PRAG Sun1300-12
Location: 4504

Speech Acts Presented in Japanese EFL Textbooks

C. Kawashima

BILING Sun1300-6
Location: 4505

Finding a foothold in Australian society: case stories of young Koreans learning Japanese

E. L. M. Lovely

CT Sun1300-13
Location: 4603

Applied logic: A mastery learning approach

J. Blake

Location: 4605
GALE Sun1330-1
Location: 4401

Sexual Harassment Issues and Language Education in Japan

R. O'Mochain

TYL Sun1330-2
Location: 4402

Changing Role of the English Course of Study for Secondary School

K. Nakamura

CUE Sun1330-3
Location: 4403

Aiming Higher: how to get your students' academic writing published

R. Mitcham

TD Sun1330-8
Location: 4404

Collaboration for Professional Development

D. Lucovich, W. M. Gough

Brain Sun1330-9
Location: 4405

Neurolinguistic Approach: A Brain-friendly Paradigm

B. Jactat

VOCAB Sun1330-4
Location: 4406

Synform Pseudowords And Yes-No Vocabulary Tests

R. G. Stubbe

TYL Sun1330-5
Location: 4501

Classroom Learning Centers in EFL

M. Kaiser

TD Sun1330-10
Location: 4502

Multiliteracies: Comics and Sociocultural Theory

A. Lapidus

Location: 4503
PRAG Sun1330-12
Location: 4504

The Organizational Structure, Development Features, and Metadiscoursal Elements in the Expository Writing of College Freshman Students

L. L. Largavista

BILING Sun1330-6
Location: 4505

When am I Bilingual? Self-reflections of Japanese EFL Learners

B. A. Turnbull

CT Sun1330-13
Location: 4603

Rethinking Critical Thinking in L2 Contexts

B. K. H. Irwin

BIZCOM Sun1330-7
Location: 4605

Business Case Competitions: Skills For The Future

M. Phillips

Plenary 3: Conversation: Connecting Professionals
Location: 5100

Connecting Professionals

These plenary speakers will introduce the work of their organizations and what they are doing to connect people across Japan. This conversation will likely explore how JALT can learn from their work as well as how they and JALT can work together to build stronger bridges connecting more language professionals nationwide.

Sun Coffee Break: Coffee Break, Associate Member Promotion on 1F
Poster 4 - 4F
Location: 4th floor corridor Activities, Tools and Digital Assignments for English Teachers and Learners

P. Raine

Developing and Coordinating People, Places, and Materials as Resources in Self-Access

Y. Imamura, C. Edlin

An Activity Based Approach To Extensive Reading: Creative Alternatives To Boring Book Reports

P. Harrold

The Influence of Extensive Reading Book Displays on Library Circulation Patterns

R. Calman

Poster 4 - 5F
Location: 5th floor corridor

3-2-1 Fluency: Get Ready for Speaking!

P. Gordyshevskaya

IELTS Preparation through Video Journaling

J. P. Owatari-Dorgan

Communicating Identities: Yonsei in Tokai

F. Hasnain

Using Different Moves in Classroom Interactions

J. Bury

GALE Sun1530-1
Location: 4401

Living in Liminality: LGBTQIA+ Identity in Japan

Y. J. Grote, B. S Morrison

TYL Sun1530-2
Location: 4402

Getting ready for 2020

A. K. Nemoto

CUE Sun1530-3
Location: 4403

Classroom Management Tools For Apple Devices

D. Beck

LD Sun1530-8
Location: 4404

Learning to Globalize Through Localization

P. Joun

Location: 4405
LD Sun1530-4
Location: 4406

External control relates to negative perceptions of teaching in English, mathematics, and Japanese

W. L. Q. Oga-Baldwin, L. K. Fryer

TD Sun1530-5
Location: 4501

Making Classroom Questions From A Linguistic Perspective

Y. Kaneso

TD Sun1530-10
Location: 4502

Reflective practice through duoethnography

Y. Nagashima, L. Lawrence

CALL Sun1530-11
Location: 4503

Challenge & Project Based Learning-A Winning Combo

R. Paterson

PRAG Sun1530-12
Location: 4504

Suggestion Strategies to Avoid Pragmatic Failure

Y. Matsuoka

BILING Sun1530-6
Location: 4505

Engaging the 'benefits of English' discourse

J. D. Monje, M. Pastor, L. Nazario

CT Sun1530-13
Location: 4603

New Ways in Teaching Media Literacy

A. Reimann

VOCAB Sun1530-7
Location: 4605

A Comparison of a Listening VKS to a Reading VKS

T. Antle

TEVAL Sun1600-1
Location: 4401

Interpersonal Aspect of Feedback: A Students’ Perspective

S. W. Chong

ER Sun1600-2
Location: 4402

How to Write and Publish your Graded Reader

P. Goldberg, R. Waring

Sun1600-3: Associate Member Presentation
Location: 4403

Action Research: Improving Student Motivation

A. Yoshida, M. Mayse

LD Sun1600-8
Location: 4404

Learner Development: A Focus on Habit

C. Macleod

LiLT Sun1600-4
Location: 4406

Story-based Methodology for Developing Learning Strategies

P. Bailey

PRAG Sun1600-5
Location: 4501

The Practitioners’ Effect on International Students

E. J Kidd

BILING Sun1600-6
Location: 4505

Language Dominance in a Trilingual Child

N. Zeng

VOCAB Sun1600-7
Location: 4605

8 presentations 


The Role of Involvement Load and List Learning

Y. Yamamoto

CALL Forum
Location: 4405

CALL Forum: What Teachers Should Know about A.I.

T. Gorham, J. Gorham, P. Raine, L. Griffiths, S. Case, S. Haga, R. Swier

CEFR & LP Forum
Location: 4502

CEFR and Curriculum

M. G. Schmidt, A. Imig, N. Nagai, N. Naoyuki, R. Schmidt

SO Forum
Location: 4503

School Owners Forum

D. Wong

SDD Forum
Location: 4504

Speech, Drama, and Debate SIG Forum

J. A. White, G. Rees, C. Parham, R. Stuart, A. Wren, C. Gonzalez, V. Bussinguer-Khavari

CT Forum
Location: 4603

The JALT Critical Thinking SIG Forum

J. D. Dunn, W. Devitte, H. Nakagawa, B. Irwin

JSL Sun1630-1
Location: 4401


S. Sagawa

Location: 4402
Location: 4403
LD Sun1630-8
Location: 4404

L2 Learner Training in Group Work: A Japanese Need

S. Warrington

CUE Sun1630-4
Location: 4406

Language Learning & Nursing: What’s the Connection?

E. Fortin

CUE Sun1630-5
Location: 4501

Cultural Dimensions and English Proficiency

M. Lieb

LD Sun1630-6
Location: 4505

Group Dynamics and English Lounge Experience

A. Kiyota

LD Sun1630-7
Location: 4605

MOOC Experience as Vehicle for Learner Development

C. J. Edlin

Location: 4401
CUE Sun1700-2
Location: 4402

EFL Learners' Perceptions of Peer Review Modes

D. Koyama, S. Kim

PRAG Sun1700-3
Location: 4403

Multimodality in Overlaps and Pragmatic Awareness

L. Takeda

Location: 4404
GILE Sun1700-4: TBA
Location: 4406
CUE Sun1700-5
Location: 4501

Peer Feedback Training Done Right

J. Roloff Rothman

Sun1700-6: TBA
Location: 4505
Sun1700-7: TBA
Location: 4605

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