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Poster Session -- Minute Madness
Time: 07/June/2022: 5:00pm-6:00pm · Location: ACAD-2600 2nd floor

Episciences: enhancing interoperability and metadata between an overlay journal platform, linked repositories and OpenAIRE open sciences tools and services

Raphaƫl Tournoy1, Silvio Peroni2, Jose Benito Gonzalez Lopez3

1CNRS; 2University of Bologna; 3CERN

Episciences is a platform to publish diamond open access overlay journals.

It offers an alternative to the monolithic system of scientific publication dominated by private publishers. The ambition is to provide the scientific communities with the technical means to produce high quality journals, at an efficient cost, compliant by design with FAIR principles, by relying on existing open archives and repositories (e.g. arXiv, Zenodo, HAL, CWI).

The platform is currently being integrated in the OpenAIRE service catalogue and the European Open Science Cloud portal thanks to the OpenAIRE Nexus project.

Episciences is tightly coupled with open repositories and does an extensive use of APIs and open protocols. Integrating the platform with other OpenAIRE services is a great opportunity to be part of a wider range of trusted open science services. These new collaborations pave the way for a new set of services for researchers and communities involved in open access journals. The platform workflows are integrating new APIs as a producer and as consumer of metadatas with new services. The metadata originally provided by the repositories are enriched by the journal publication process and other OpenAIRE services, eventually resulting in more rich metadata being made available to the open repositories.