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Session Overview
Date: Wednesday, 08/June/2022
Dev Track: Acknowledged: All about Notifications
Location: ACAD-1500 1st floor

Implementing the Notify protocol and standard practices in DSpace

Andrea Bollini1, Corrado Lombardi1, Stefano Maffei1, William Welling2, José Carvalho3

1: 4Science, Italy; 2: Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA; 3: University of Minho, Portugal

Developing and Using the Notify Protocol

Paul Walk1, Martin Klein2

1: Antleaf Ltd; 2: Los Alamos National Laboratory

How to implement a COAR Notification manager

Hrafn Malmquist

Cottage Labs, United Kingdom

Presentations: Research Data
Location: ACAD-2600 2nd floor

Research data management commitment drivers: A comprehensive analysis and design implications from agricultural science

Sebastian S. Feger1,2, Enrico Bonaiuti1, Valentina De Col1

1: ICARDA; 2: LMU Munich

FAIR EVA: Checking data FAIRness in data repositories

Fernando Aguilar1, Isabel Bernal2

1: IFCA-CSIC, Spain; 2: URICI-CSIC, Spain

Strategies to Build Community and Develop a Culture around Data Publication and Reuse in Natural Hazards Engineering and the Social Sciences

Maria Esteva1, Joshua Freeze1, Ellen Rathje1, Lori Peek2, Daniel Thomas Cox3

1: University of Texas at Austin; 2: University of Colorado Boulder; 3: Oregon State University

Presentations: Technologies
Location: ACAD-1600 1st floor

Who is Afraid of a Petabyte Dataset? Rethinking Repository Infrastructures and Curation Workflows for the Scale and Type of Next Generation Data

Olga Anna Kuchar, Alex May, Katie Knight, Rohit Srivastava, Dale Stansberry

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, United States of America

SWORDv3: from draft to final

Richard Jones1, Neil Jefferies2

1: Cottage Labs LLP, United Kingdom; 2: University of Oxford

Coffee Break
24x7: Building Trust in Data Repositories
Location: ACAD-1500 1st floor
Chair: Kathleen Shearer, Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR)
Chair: Harish Maringanti, University of Utah

Common Descriptive Attributes of Research Data Repositories

Michael Witt1, Matthew Cannon2, Allyson Lister3, Washington Segundo5, Kathleen Shearer4, Kazu Yamaji6

1: Purdue University, United States of America; 2: Taylor & Francis Group, United Kingdom; 3: Oxford University, United Kingdom; 4: Confederation of Open Access Repositories, Canada; 5: Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia, Brazil; 6: National Institute of Informatics, Japan

Creating community-engaged digital projects to celebrate Florida watersheds

Allison Nicole Symulevich1, Theresa G Burress2

1: University of South Florida, United States of America; 2: University of South Florida, United States of America

Trust Global and Collaborate Local to Changing for Consistency – Re-Integrating an Open Data Repository for the Max Planck Society

Yves Vincent Grossmann, Michael Franke

Max Planck Digital Library, Germany

DL4DH - Digital Libraries for Digital Humanities

Martin Lhoták1, David Novák2

1: Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic; 2: Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague

World Data System: Building Networks of Trust since 2008

Meredith P. Goins

World Data System, United States of America

Presentations: Traditional Repository Implementations
Location: ACAD-1600 1st floor

Reasons for Applying Embargo Periods for Academic Publications in Institutional Repositories: Case study of Theses and Dissertations

Behrooz Rasuli1, Joachim Schöpfel2, Michael Boock3, Brenda Van Wyk4

1: Iranian Research Institute for Information Science and Technology (IranDoc), Iran, Islamic Republic of; 2: University of Lille; 3: Oregon State University; 4: The University of Pretoria

The Wee Country that rOAred: Measuring, Supporting and Building Trust in Open Access in Scotland through institutional repositories

William J Nixon1, Theo Andrew2, George MacGregor3, Jackie Proven4

1: University of Glasgow, United Kingdom; 2: University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom; 3: University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom; 4: St Andrews University, United Kingdom

Lunch Break
24x7: Adapting and Integrating Repository Systems
Location: ACAD-1600 1st floor
Chair: William J. Nixon, University of Glasgow

REDI+: Toward an Ecuadorian Research Repository based in CRIS.

Freddy Sumba

CEDIA, Ecuador

SAF-GUI: Data packager for DSpace

Zhongda Zhang

University of Oklahoma, United States of America

Customizing DSpace: Developing Private Communities & Collections for Future Repository Integrations

Susan Wells Parham, Wendy Hagenmaier, Chris Helms

Georgia Institute of Technology, United States of America

DSpace-CRIS, anticipating innovation

Andrea Bollini, Emanuele Ballarini, Irene Buso, Mykhaylo Boychuk, Claudio Cortese, Giuseppe Digilio, Riccardo Fazio, Damiano Fiorenza, Luca Giamminonni, Corrado Lombardi, Stefano Maffei, Davide Negretti, Sara Orlandi, Luigi Andrea Pascarelli, Matteo Perelli, Immacolata Scancarello, Francesco Pio Scognamiglio, Susanna Mornati

4Science, Italy

Working with IIIF Manifests in Archipelago

Allison Kelly Lund

Metropolitan New York Library Council, United States of America

Achieving Robust Digital Preservation at a Medium-Sized Academic Library: Successes and Failures

Hui Zhang, Michael Boock

Oregon State University Libraries and Press, United States of America

Panel: Building Trust Together: A Consortium Approach to Open Repositories Via DSpace and the Texas Digital Library (TDL)
Location: ACAD-2600 2nd floor

Building Trust Together: A Consortium Approach to Open Repositories Via DSpace and the Texas Digital Library (TDL)

Alexa S. Hight1, Taylor Fairweather-Leitch2, Colleen Lyon3, Kristi Park4, Nicholas Woodward4

1: Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, United States of America; 2: West Texas A&M University, United States of America; 3: University of Texas, United States of America; 4: Texas Digital Library, United States of America

Presentations: Technology Communities
Location: ACAD-1500 1st floor

Bringing IIIF to the DSpace community

Andrea Bollini1, Claudio Cortese1, Michael Spalti2

1: 4Science, Italy; 2: Willamette University, USA

SMARDY: A Research Data Marketplace

The SMARDY Consortium, Luke McGuinness

The SMARDY Consortium

How to build a national ecosystem of digital services for archaeology – lessons learned in the Czech Republic

David Novák

Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Science, Prague, Czech Republic

Coffee Break
Dev Track: Next Generations: Trusting the Process
Location: ACAD-2600 2nd floor

Next Generation Library Publishing: integrating multiple platforms with OpenID Connect, a shared authentication service

Hardy Joseph Pottinger

California Digital Library, University of California, United States of America Configuring and Extending Drupal to Serve as a Specialized Data Repository

Favenzio Calvo, Bryan Brown, Brian Arsenault

Florida State University, United States of America

The forgotten minor release: DSpace 6.4

Hrafn Malmquist

Cottage Labs, United Kingdom

Next Generation Library Publishing: Web Delivery Platform Demonstration and Architecture Overview

Zach Davis

Cast Iron Coding

Presentations: Building Trust and Communities
Location: ACAD-1500 1st floor

SCELC and JSTOR’s Open Community Collections Initiative: A Collaborative Experiment to Increase Discovery and Use of Digital Collections

Jason Price1, Jason Przybylski2

1: SCELC, United States of America; 2: ITHAKA, United States of America

Building Trustworthy Digital Community Archives at Virginia Tech

Nathan Hall, Alex Kinnaman

Virginia Tech, United States of America

The Cultural Function of the IR: How the University of North Alabama’s RoOAR Repository Built a Culture of Trust

Korey Jackson1, Jennifer Pate2

1: Ubiquity Press; 2: University of North Alabama

Building the Hyku Commons User Community: A Model for Repository Collaboration

Amanda Hurford1, Kirsten Leonard1, Jill Morris2, Nicholas Stanton-Roark3

1: Private Academic Library Network of Indiana (PALNI); 2: Partnership for Academic Library Collaboration and Innovation (PALCI); 3: Private Academic Library Network of Indiana (PALNI)/Anderson University

Presentations: Digital Preservation
Location: ACAD-1600 1st floor

Scaling repository infrastructure for preservation in Canada

Corey Davis

University of Victoria

Creating a Common Understanding of Your Repository State - Testing Assertions About Repository

Terrence W Brady

California Digital Library, United States of America

Connecting EPrints Repository Systems with the Archivematica Open Source Digital Preservation Workflow

Tomasz Neugebauer, Sarah Lake

Concordia University, Canada

End to end Serverless Digital Repository Platform on the Cloud

Yinlin Chen

Virginia Tech, United States of America

Conference Dinner
Location: Băo Brewhouse, 1317 14th St., Denver, CO 80202