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Session Overview
Date: Tuesday, 07/June/2022
Location: ACAD-2600 2nd floor
Welcome and Opening Keynote Panel with Sonia Barbosa, John Chodacki, and Torsten Reimer
Location: ACAD-2600 2nd floor
Coffee Break
24x7: Uniting Approaches for Inclusion and Access
Location: ACAD-1600 1st floor
Chair: Corey Davis, University of Victoria
Chair: Tomasz Neugebauer, Concordia University

The OpenAIRE Monitor Institutional Dashboard

Ioanna Grypari1, Ilaria Fava2, Najko Jahn2, Antonis Lempesis1, Natalia Manola3, Dimitris Pierrakos1, Leonidas Pispiringas3

1: Athena Research and Innovation Center; 2: Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany; 3: OpenAIRE

Author Names and Identity Management in Institutional Repositories

Ellis D. Ging

The City University of New York, United States of America

RightLib - electronic access to publications under copyright

Martin Lhoták

Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

OpenAIRE Content Provider Dashboard: a service aiming to enable trust within the European repositories network

Pedro Príncipe, André Vieira, Paula Moura

University of Minho, Portugal

National OpenAIRE Explore Portals: a subset of the OpenAIRE Research Graph

Pedro Príncipe1, Kathleen Shearer2, Katerina Iatropoulou3, Leonidas Pispiringas4

1: University of Minho, Portugal; 2: CARL; 3: Athena Research and Innovation Center; 4: OpenAIRE

Panel: Progress, Community Input, and Next Steps for the COAR Notify Project
Location: ACAD-2600 2nd floor

Progress, Community Input, and Next Steps for the COAR Notify Project

Kathleen Shearer1, Martin Klein2, Eloy Rodrigues3, Paul Walk1

1: Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR), International; 2: Los Alamos National Laboratory, United States; 3: University of Minho, Portugal

Presentations: Open Science, Open Access
Location: ACAD-2500/2500A 2nd floor

Repository Role in Transformative Agreement Implementation

Yasmeen Alsaedi, Nevena Tomic, Daryl Grenz, Mohamed Baessa

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia

Qui Bono? - Cumulative advantage in Open Access publishing

David Pride, Matteo Cancellieri, Petr Knoth

The Open University, United Kingdom

Investigating institutional structures of reward and recognition in Open Science and RRI

Nancy Pontika1, Thomas Klebel2, Antonia Correia3, Hannah Metzler4, Petr Knoth1, Tony Ross-Hellauer5

1: The Open University, United Kingdom; 2: Know-Center GmbH, Austria; 3: University of Minho, Portugal; 4: Medical University of Vienna, Complexity Science Hub Vienna and Institute for Globally Distributed Open Research and Education, Austria; 5: Know-Center GmbH and TU Graz

Presentations: Repository Systems Updates
Location: ACAD-1500 1st floor

DSpace 7 ORCID Integration

Andrea Bollini, Corrado Lombardi, Giuseppe Digilio, Luca Giamminonni, Susanna Mornati

4Science, Italy

DSpace 7 Roadmap & Community Updates

Tim Donohue, Michele Mennielli

LYRASIS, United States of America

We Advanced Hyku, and You Can, Too

Ellen Catz Ramsey1, Ilkay Holt2, Elisa Pettinelli Barrett3

1: University of Virginia, United States of America; 2: British Library, United Kingdom; 3: Ubiquity Press, United States of America and United Kingdom

Lunch Break
Dev Track: Collaboration and the Cloud: Buidling Trust with New Tools
Location: ACAD-1500 1st floor

Light up your data with Spark! Fast, repeatable, and iterable ETL, data analysis, and aggregation

Barbara Hui, Amy Wieliczka

California Digital Library, United States of America

Collaborative W3C Web Annotations using Annotorious in Archipelago and computer vision explorations as cataloger aids

Diego Alberto Pino1, Rainer Simon2

1: Metropolian New York Library Council, United States of America; 2: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

Modern Web Archiving with Archipelago and Webrecorder : WACZ, Replay.web and Deep Discovery in Digital Repositories

Diego Alberto Pino1, Ilya Kreymer2

1: Metropolian New York Library Council, United States of America; 2: Webrecorder (

Presentations: Integrating Tools
Location: ACAD-2600 2nd floor

Library Administration of Critical Research Infrastructure: Integrating a DSpace repository and Research Information Management System

Megan Macken, Clarke Iakovakis

Oklahoma State University, United States of America

Integrating DSpace and VIVO: towards an open ecosystem

Michele Mennielli1, Dragan Ivanovic1, Michel Héon2

1: LYRASIS, United States of America; 2: University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM)

Omega-PSIR a solution for building cross-institutional, integrated CRIS/IR platforms

Jakub Koperwas1, Łukasz Skonieczny1, Renata Sławińska2, Henryk Rybiński1

1: Warsaw University of Technology; 2: Wroclaw Medical University

Presentations: Networks and Collaborations
Location: ACAD-1600 1st floor

Building a U.S. Repository Network

Tina Baich1, Kathleen Shearer2

1: SPARC, North America; 2: COAR, International

Building New Sharing Models: Collective Work Toward Open

Maureen Walsh

The Ohio State University, United States of America

Building a Community through a Cultural Heritage Shared Repository Service

Jenny Basford1, Tim Ison1, Ashley Kelleher2

1: The British Library, United Kingdom; 2: The British Museum, United Kingdom

Presentations: Infrastructures
Location: ACAD-2500/2500A 2nd floor

CORE APIv3: Seamless machine access to open access metadata and full texts from across the global repositories and publishers network

Matteo Cancellieri, Valerii Budko, Samuel Pearce, Petr Knoth

Open University, United Kingdom

OAI Identifiers: Decentralised PIDs for Research Outputs in Repositories

Petr Knoth, Valerii Budko, Viktoriia Pavlenko, Matteo Cancellieri

CORE, Knowledge Media institute, The Open University, United Kingdom

It Takes a Village Sustainability Framework: Themes, Uses, and Future Directions

Laurie Arp

LYRASIS, United States of America

Coffee Break
Panel: The Repository Rodeo
Location: ACAD-2600 2nd floor

The Repository Rodeo

Maureen Walsh1, Justin Bradley2, Chris Day3, Jon Dunn4, Gustavo Durand5, Sara Gonzales6, Heather Greer Klein7, Jason Porter8

1: The Ohio State University, United States of America; 2: University of Southampton, United Kingdom; 3: Discovery Garden, Canada; 4: Indiana University, United States of America; 5: Harvard University, United States of America; 6: Northwestern University, United States of America; 7: Samvera, United States of America; 8: Cayuse, United States of America

Poster Session -- Minute Madness
Location: ACAD-2600 2nd floor

Integrating Biodiversity Content: ICZN -> ZooBank -> IR -> IA

Sue Ann Gardner, Paul Royster

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, United States of America

Researcher Approved: a Multi-institutional Survey of Depositors to Six Academic Data Repositories

Sarah J. Wright1, Wanda Marsolek2, Hoa Luong3, Sophia Lafferty-Hess4, Jake Carlson5, Susan Braxton3

1: Cornell University; 2: University of Minnesota; 3: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; 4: Duke University; 5: University of Michigan

Research Data Management at TU Wien

Maximilian Johannes Moser, Tomasz Miksa

TU Wien, Austria

Recommendation and integration of bibliographical references and personal identifiers during import procedures - collaboratively with researchers

Johanna Staudinger, Steffen Illig, Florian Gantner

University of Bamberg, Germany

Information Policies of Institutional Repositories of Federal Universities in Brazil: the librarian who manages digital preservation



Achimota Government Hospital And Patients Data Relationship At The Hospital

Kwame Opoku Sakyiamah

Student, Ghana

Audiovisual Accessibility Builds a Bridge to Diverse User Communities

Melissa Morrow1, Kristi L. Park2, Courtney C. Mumma2

1: Texas Tech University Library; 2: Texas Digital Library

The EOSC DIH “ELD Advance“ project

Andrea Bollini1, Irene Buso1, Susanna Mornati1, Giuseppe Digilio1, Luca Giamminonni1, Androniki Pavlidou2

1: 4Science, Italy; 2: OpenAIRE A.M.K.E.

Episciences: enhancing interoperability and metadata between an overlay journal platform, linked repositories and OpenAIRE open sciences tools and services

Raphaël Tournoy1, Silvio Peroni2, Jose Benito Gonzalez Lopez3

1: CNRS; 2: University of Bologna; 3: CERN

Finding the Right Fit: Streamlining Self-Archiving to Support Author Success

Hope Craft

Iowa State University, United States of America

SQaaS - Ensuring Software, Service and Data quality automatically in open repositories

Fernando Aguilar1, Pablo Orviz1, Isabel Bernal2

1: IFCA-CSIC, Spain; 2: URICI-CSIC, Spain

IMLS Grant Update - Fedora Migration Paths and Tools: A Pilot Project

Arran Griffith1, Robin Ruggaber2

1: LYRASIS, Canada; 2: University of Virginia

Everyone makes mistakes: Building trust and psychological safety in a shared digital object management system

Brian Luna Lucero, Esther Jackson

Columbia University Libraries, United States of America

Programmable Data Repositories

Cheng-Jen Lee, Tyng-Ruey Chuang

Academia Sinica, Taiwan

How can Artificial Intelligence increase the accessibility of electronic documents?

Łukasz Kobyliński, Łukasz Skonieczny

Sages sp. z o.o., Poland

Welcome Reception
Location: ACAD-2600 2nd floor