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Session Overview
Date: Monday, 07/June/2021
8:00am - 9:20amWorkshop: Lights and shadows in integrating and supporting ORCID in repository platforms
8:00am - 10:50amWorkshop: Brokerage Event Towards a FAIR Compliant Commons in the ASREN Region
9:30am - 10:50amWorkshop: How repositories can increase their FAIR share
1:00pm - 2:20pmWorkshop: Introduction to Fedora 6.0
1:00pm - 2:20pmWorkshop: Making repositories part of your digital strategy: experience from the Samvera Community
1:00pm - 3:50pmWorkshop: Getting Started with DSpace 7.0: Basic Training
2:30pm - 3:50pmWorkshop: Europeana Data Model (EDM) Workflows in Archipelago
2:30pm - 3:50pmWorkshop: Machine-Actionable DMPs in the Repository: Motivation and Implementation
Date: Tuesday, 08/June/2021
1:00pm - 1:55pmWelcome & opening keynote: Sir Jeremy Farrar
2:00pm - 2:45pmIdeas challenge introduction
The Ideas Challenge is a long-running Open Repositories tradition, where teams form during the conference to come up with great ideas to solve repository challenges or lead the way toward new innovations. In the past, teams have had just the 3 days of the conference to formulate their idea and pitch it to the audience and judges during the closing session. Last year, we changed up the format and kicked-off a year-long ideas challenge, with the goal of allowing teams to not just come up with an idea, but actually take steps to implement it. We'll share some results from 2020 during this session and introduce the 2021 ideas challenge, which will be another year-long event. Those interested in the Ideas Challenge should join the Ideas Challenge Slack channel
3:00pm - 3:55pmPanel: Speaking up and speaking out - who will shape the narrative for OA repositories?
4:00pm - 4:55pmPresentations session 1
4:00pm - 4:55pmPresentations session 2
5:00pm - 6:00pmNetworking session
Date: Wednesday, 09/June/2021
8:00am - 8:55am24x7 session 1
8:00am - 8:55amPresentations session 3
9:00am - 9:55amPresentations session 4
9:00am - 10:10amDeveloper track session 1
12:00pm - 12:55pmMinute Madness
1:00pm - 2:25pmPanel: Repository Rodeo
2:30pm - 2:55pmPanel: IRUS In Bloom: Expanded Openness for Institutional Repository Usage Statistics
3:00pm - 3:55pm24x7 session 2
3:00pm - 3:55pmPresentations session 5
4:00pm - 4:55pm24x7 session 3
4:00pm - 4:55pmPresentations session 6
5:00pm - 6:00pmNetworking session
10:00pm - 10:55pmKeynote: Dr Tahu Kukutai & Dr Stephanie Russo Carroll
11:00pm - 11:55pmPanel: "Broken for All": the case for persistent identifiers for digital cultural heritage resources
11:00pm - 11:55pmPresentations session 7
Date: Thursday, 10/June/2021
12:00am - 12:55amDeveloper track session 2
12:00am - 12:55amPresentations session 8
8:00am - 8:55amPresentations session 9
8:00am - 8:55amPresentations session 10
9:00am - 9:55am24x7 session 4
9:00am - 9:55amPresentations session 11
12:00pm - 12:55pmNetworking session
1:00pm - 1:55pmKeynote: Dr Bianca Amaro
2:00pm - 2:55pmPanel: Dataverse Community & CoreTrustSeal: Certifying generalist data repositories
2:00pm - 2:55pmPresentations session 12
3:00pm - 4:00pmClosing & Ideas challenge