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Thursday, 10/June/2021:
2:00pm - 2:55pm

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Open for all. Reusable for whom? A review of what data reusers want and how data repositories can deliver

Lisa R Johnston1, Ixchel M Faniel2, Katie Wissel3

1University of Minnesota, United States of America; 2OCLC Research, United States of America; 3New York University

Understanding how data reusers seek and evaluate potential data for reuse will aid data curators, data managers, and developers in the open repository field. We will review past studies of data reusers, specifically a qualitative study of 105 researchers from three disciplinary communities: quantitative social science, archaeology, and zoology. The study identified 12 types of context information that data reusers mention needing when deciding whether to reuse data. Next, we will use the context types to create a feature set and assess how data repositories provide the needed context information to users. Finally, using findings from our assessment, we will showcase desirable features in use to prototype the design of a reuser-oriented data repository that developers can use to improve their data repository interface.

Open for all but for how long? Roles, responsibilities and accountabilities in the preservation of research data

Amy Currie, William Kilbride

Digital Preservation Coalition, United Kingdom

In the open science community, digital preservation aligns closely to the FAIR principles and is delivered, albeit unevenly, through infrastructures comprising technology (i.e., repositories), know how (i.e., staff) and ‘know why’ (such as policy).

In line with conference sub-theme of ‘Supporting open scholarship and cultural heritage’, this presentation will explore and describe the strengths and weaknesses of the open science community at the outset of the EOSC Association. It draws from the recent ‘FAIR Forever’ study commissioned by the EOSC Sustainability Working Group and funded by the EOSC Secretariat to establish the strengths and weakness of digital preservation capability in open science in Europe.

The FAIR Forever study involved three stages of research: a desk-based assessment of the EOSC vision, interviews with representatives of EOSC stakeholders, and focus groups comprised of digital preservation specialists and data managers in research repositories.

This presentation will explore and describe the study’s key findings relating to digital preservation capacity within EOSC and for the research community more broadly. The presenters will make recommendations for coordinated actions by repositories, researchers, and stakeholders to better ensure the long-term preservation of—and access to—research data in all its forms.

The Entity-Relation Metamodel from Repositories to Aggregators - The case of LA Referencia and RCAAP jointship Project

José Carvalho1, Lautaro Matas2, Washington Segundo3, Paulo Graça4, Paulo Lopes4

1University of Minho, Portugal; 2LA Referencia; 3IBICT; 4FCT|FCCN

This proposal demonstrates the work developed at the harvester level in order to incorporate the concept of entities coming from repositories. To achieve this, technical interoperability and guidelines have been implemented and also guarantee the coexistence of repositories with and without entities, as well as different types of aggregation processes and different metadata profiles. The objective of these developments is to support a complete representation of the repository data model at the harvester level and to provide added value services for all harvested content based on an open infrastructure.

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