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Presentations session 9
Thursday, 10/June/2021:
8:00am - 8:55am

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Plan S and Repository PIDs

Adam Vials Moore1, Sally Rumsey1,2, James Kerwin3, Martin Wolf3

1Jisc, United Kingdom; 2cOAlition S; 3University of Liverpool

To embed the wider importance of building a connected infrastructure for open science, the technical requirements for a repository to be compliant with Plan S include each funded deposited work having its own persistent identifier. For a Version of Record this will typically be supplied by the publisher (most often in the form of a DOI). In this presentation we will discuss the technical and policy considerations of how to add persistent identifiers to Author Accepted Manuscripts. This ensures that they are also fully available for discovery and citation to participate as first order participants in the open research ecosystem

Experience in Moving Toward An Open Repository For All

Tyng-Ruey Chuang1, Cheng-Jen Lee1, Chia-Hsun Wang1, Yu-Huang Wang2

1Academia Sinica, Taiwan; 2Independent Scholar

We report on our experience in building a domain-specific research data repository and in moving it toward an open repository for all to deposit datasets.

Plan S and Open Access via repositories: Unity in diversity

Johan Rooryck1, Sally Rumsey2

1Leiden University, cOAlition S; 2Jisc, cOAlition S

cOAlition S comprises research funding organizations that have agreed to adopt the set of principles that form Plan S. As autonomous entities, when aligning their policies to Plan S, each may differ in detail of how it is implemented. Each funder is at liberty to express a preference for one route to Open Access over another, and individual funders may have differing preferences for deposit in a repository.

cOAlition S encourages a range of solutions towards Open Access that encourage innovation, allow for geographical, financial, & cultural preferences & differences, and that can influence the broader open access scholarly landscape. cOAlition S encourages diversity in business models to achieve OA, recognizes journal and repository routes to OA, and accepts community norms rather than specifying technical standards for repositories. It has also taken steps to ensure researcher choice of publication venue by adopting its Rights Retention Strategy, enabling a means to publish in any journal using the repository option (thereby encouraging diversity of journals), whilst meeting funder OA requirements.

This presentation will illuminate how diversity in OA solutions, supported and encouraged by cOAlition S, is brought together under a single unified aim – immediate OA with an open licence.

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