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Wednesday, 09/June/2021:
4:00pm - 4:55pm

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Notify - The Repository and Services Interoperability Project

Kathleen Shearer1, Martin Klein2, Paul Walk1

1COAR, International; 2Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA

COAR has been promoting a new and exciting future for scholarly communications. This vision was first outlined in the COAR Next Generation Repositories Initiative and further articulated in the Pubfair White Paper, which describes a distributed framework for open publishing services. In 2020, COAR published a generic technical model to enable the linking of preprints and other repository resources with external services, with an initial focus on peer review services. The technical model – which was developed based on a number of use cases provided by preprint servers, repositories, peer review services and overlay journals – applies a distributed, message-oriented approach based on W3C Linked Data Notifications (LDN). As a next step, in January 2021, COAR launched the Notify: The Repositories and Services Interoperability Project to assist early adopters in implementing a common and interoperable model that will support reviews and endorsements on distributed resources in repositories, preprints and archives. This presentation will present an overview of the technologies underpinning this model, and provide an update of the work-to-date and outcomes of the project.

On building a tool for finding datasets based on a list of researchers or publications

Washington L. R. Carvalho-Segundo1, Thiago M. R. Dias2

1Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology (IBICT), Brazil; 2Federal Center for Technological Education of Minas Gerais (CEFET-MG), Brazil

​This proposal presents a tool developed in the Python language used to find related datasets

of a list of researchers or publications. This tool was applied to a list of articles that a specific group of

researchers had declared in their CVs. The target group was chosen based on the highest level that these researchers had obtained in a research productivity grant (1A). As a result, form a list of 1,227

researchers and more than 225 thousand deduplicated publications, it was possible to find 12,030 related datasets, were the most frequent access type is OPEN and the five most frequent related areas of research are Zoology; Chemistry; Genetics; Physics; and Agronomy. The proposed tool will be applied to facilitate populating the research data repository of the national funding agency in Brazil, but it can also be used in other more general contexts, extracting information from open databases, such as ORCID and Wikidata.

From Hard Drives to Globus: Supporting new workflows for large data transfer in libraries

Kara Handren, Amber Leahey, Kaitlin Newson

Scholars Portal, Ontario Council of University Libraries, Canada

As data continues to grow in size and volume, there is an equally growing need to provide new technical solutions to support large data transfer within academic library data services. This search for digital solutions became even more urgent with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, as restrictions on contact meant that existing workflows were no longer possible in a remote environment. This presentation summarizes recent work by Scholars Portal, a consortial library technology service, to develop infrastructure to support the transfer of big data in delivering library data services to students and researchers. It will focus on the use of Globus, a large data transfer tool, and workflows for integration into two different data repository systems - Dataverse & Scholars GeoPortal. We will discuss current workflows for the transfer of large files, and some of the use cases in academic libraries both now and into the future.

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