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Wednesday, 09/June/2021:
8:00am - 8:55am

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Development of National-level Institutional Repository Cloud Service for Open Science

Masaharu Hayashi, Yutaka Hayashi, Makoto Asaoka, Masashi Kawai, Yasuyuki Minamiyama, Kazutsuna Yamaji

National Institute of Informatics, Japan

The purpose of this study was to build a national-level institutional repository cloud service that has the extensibility of repository function and the flexibility of system operation for realizing open access to research data as a starting point of open science. WEKO3, a new repository software using Invenio framework, was developed to achieve this purpose. In particular, flexible metadata management function and customizable workflow functions were developed to provide the extensibility of repository functions. In a cloud service development using WEKO3, we applied the microservice architecture and container architecture to realize flexible system operation. As a result, WEKO3 and its cloud service realized a national-level institutional repository cloud service for open science.

A shared governance and a sustainable funding model for HAL, the French National Open Archive

Bénédicte Kuntziger-Planche, Agnès Magron, Nathalie Fargier

Centre pour la Communication Scientifique Directe (CCSD) - CNRS, France

HAL is the French national open archive ( supported by the French ministry of higher education, research and Innovation, and 3 research organisations CNRS (, INRIA ( and INRAÉ ( HAL provides portals for institutions allowing them managing their scientific productions. Nowadays, HAL hosts a network of 124 institutional archives for universities, research institutions and higher education schools, sharing their common publications (

The growth of HAL led to think of a new economic and a new governance model, in order to take into account the diversity of needs and to ensure the sustainability of the archive. All partners of the archive where involved in the process, leading to a new price list for institutional portals, based on the number of institutional beneficiaries of the portals, and a shared governance model for CCSD, the service unit that manages HAL. These new models will be implemented in the coming months.

Leveraging Open Services to Enhance Institutional Research Tracking Workflows

Yasmeen Alsaedi, Daryl Grenz, Mohamed Baessa

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia

In order to support the implementation of an institutional open access policy, adopted in 2014, the KAUST University Library developed publications tracking processes with the additional aim of making the institutional repository a reliable source for bibliographic information about the university’s research outputs.2 The code underlying these processes has now been updated and combined into an open source software application, the Institutional Research Tracking Service (IRTS), with a public version planned for release at prior to the conference. This presentation will briefly introduce the structure and functionality of the IRTS application and walk through the different workflows it supports, before focusing on recent enhancements to the service, especially our use of the beta version of the new Sherpa Romeo API6 and of the Unpaywall API11. We will also present an assessment of the initial effect of these improvements on the workflow, and the impact they have had on deposit rates of full text materials to the repository. Finally, we will give examples of how this service reinforces the interest of other university stakeholders in reusing the research information from the repository for purposes such as annual reporting, research evaluation, and maintenance of up-to-date publication lists on websites.

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