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Tuesday, 08/June/2021:
4:00pm - 4:55pm

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Fedora Software and Community Update: All Aboard for Fedora 6.0

David Wilcox, Arran Griffith


For the past several years, the Fedora community has prioritized alignment with linked data best practices and modern web standards which guided our previous development efforts. But through extensive community feedback and engagement we have shifted our efforts in new directions. The design and development of Fedora 6.0 has been guided by three principles: improve the digital preservation feature set, support migrations from all previous versions of the software, and improve performance and scale. This presentation will provide an overview of Fedora 6.0 and an update on the current state of development, highlighting areas of interest such as the migration utilities and documentation created to support users in the transition from past versions to 6.0 as well as the robust testing measures implemented allowing users direct access to crucial performance metrics. Finally presenters will explain the post-production focus on adoption, support and elevated community engagement.

DSpace 7.0 : Coming to a DSpace near you

Tim Donohue

LYRASIS, United States of America

It’s been a long time coming and we’re glad to say 7.0 is finally here! This talk helps your organization prepare for the next evolution of DSpace platform: DSpace 7.0. What does it look like? How would I upgrade (or install it)? How easy is it to brand/theme? Why did this take so long (and how did we adapt, despite a pandemic)?

While retaining its ease-of-use, out-of-the-box goals, DSpace 7 introduces many major new features to existing users and the repository community in general. This talk will provide an overview of each.

Major new features include:

* A brand new, client-side, responsive user interface (built on Angular), with drag-and-drop submission process and improved usability. Theme it with just knowledge of CSS (Bootstrap) and HTML.

* A brand new, full-featured, self-describing REST API, which opens your DSpace data to advanced third-party integrations / tools.

* A powerful new Configurable Entities object model (i.e. typed Items with relationships between them), allowing for advanced integrations with external identifier systems (e.g. ORCID), current research information systems (CRIS), journal publishing systems, etc.

* Enhanced GDPR support, OpenAIREv4 support, and (coming in 7.2) alignment with COAR Next Generation Repositories recommendations (ResourceSync and Signposting).

Islandora Community Update: Islandora at Home

Danny Lamb1, Mark Jordan2

1Islandora Foundation, Canada; 2Simon Fraser University

Since the Islandora Foundation was first announced at Open Repositories in 2013, it has been our privilege to share a yearly update about our project and our community. 2020 was a unique year for this kind of distributed open-source project, and the community-driven approach to development and maintenance of Islandora that has sustained the project for more than a decade had to change with the times as the entire Islandora community went completely virtual. We would like to share how our community adjusted workflows, communications, and some of the fundamental ways that we work together, to keep driving an open-source repository project through a global pandemic.

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