Conference Agenda

P1B: It's Repository Rodeo time!
Tuesday, 11/Jun/2019:
11:00am - 12:30pm

Session Chair: David Wilcox, DuraSpace
Location: Lecture Hall B
Universität Hamburg, Main Building, Edmund-Siemers-Alle 1


Revenge of the Repository Rodeo

David Wilcox1, Melissa Anez2, Pascal Becker3, Mark Bussey4, Will Fyson5, Lars Holm Nielsen6, Robin Ruggaber7

1DuraSpace; 2Islandora Foundation; 3The Library Code; 4Data Curation Experts; 5University of Southampton; 6CERN; 7University of Virginia

The Repository Rodeo returns for another round of questions and answers! This popular panel, featured since Open Repositories 2016 in Dublin, offers a broad overview of the main repository platforms at Open Repositories and provides an opportunity for spirited discussion amongst panelists and attendees. Join representatives from the DSpace, Eprints, Fedora, Islandora, Invenio, and Samvera communities as we (briefly) explain what each of our repositories actually does. We'll also talk about the directions of our respective technical and community developments, and related to the conference theme of ​All the Users Needs, ​discuss how our various systems can support the needs of users in our communities.

This panel will be a great opportunity for newcomers to Open Repositories to get a crash course on the major repository options and meet representatives from each of their communities. After a brief presentation from each representative, we'll open the session up for questions from the audience.