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Session Overview
P4D: Islandora for everybody
Wednesday, 12/Jun/2019:
11:00am - 12:30pm

Session Chair: Friedrich Summann, Bielefeld University Library
Location: Lecture Hall J
Universität Hamburg, Main Building, Edmund-Siemers-Alle 1

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Islandora Community Update: A Platform for the User, by the User

Melissa Anez, Daniel Lamb

Islandora Foundation, Canada

In keeping with the theme of this year’s Open Repositories conference, this session will highlight the ways that the Islandora community has adopted a development workflow that includes the end users of Islandora in the process.

Many of Islandora’s users are operating out of small institutions with limited technical staff support. They need a reliable, flexible system that is simple to install and manage. Meeting the needs of these users has shaped Islandora, not just in terms of the software, but in terms of how the software is built, and how we include end users in the process so that they have a stake and can contribute to open source when already strapped for resources. Our engagement tools include: community governance, community-led interest groups, a volunteer-led release process with roles for non-developers, and active consultation over major software decisions and roadmaps.


Islandora 8 and Beyond

Melissa Anez, Daniel Lamb

Islandora Foundation, Canada

Islandora 8.x (know during development as Islandora CLAW) pairs the latest in Fedora development with a Drupal 8 front end. A major re-architecting of the previous version of Islandora, 8.x strives to improve on Islandora’s long history by taking the best from its components and letting those parts do what they do best, for an experience that is more Drupal to the site builder and end user, and more Fedora in its storage.

This session will delve into the details of the first full release of Islandora’s Drupal 8 - Fedora 5 pairing, with a focus on migration tools, user interface and user control, a look a pilot projects and production installations, and a roadmap for where development will go next. The point of view will be ‘lighty’ technical, but still accessible to a general audience.


Islandora for All: Community Sustainability and Lessons Learned

David Keiser-Clark

Williams College, United States of America

Open source development is subject to challenges and failures that can negatively affect participation, adoption or sustainability. The Islandora Collaboration Group (ICG) has developed an iterative project lifecycle that supports sustainable open-source development based on: (1) building community, outreach, listening to community needs; (2) gathering and spending funds on rapid vendor development, resulting in (3) a product that the community can refine and improve. This is cyclical, not linear, and always returns to building community.

This self-reinforcing cycle has provided the ICG with feedback and impetus to radically change our consortium’s focus from that of a small insular group to one seeking to bring all institutions together to collaborate in welcoming and inclusive participation. This path, from our first mission statement, has led us out of our comfort zones, but results in an increased alignment within our development community, with the goal of increasing the sustainability of Islandora within the larger community.

The ICG would like to share specific lessons learned from our Islandora for All project, including techniques used in the ISLE and LASIR technical projects for: listening to the needs of the community; the importance of timing; crowdsourcing funds; structuring successful grant applications; and building community and coalitions.