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Session Overview
W12: Introduction to Fedora 5.0 and the API Specification
Monday, 10/Jun/2019:
1:30pm - 3:00pm

Location: ESA-E-122
Edmund-SIemers-Allee 1, East Wing, Room 122 50 Places

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Introduction to Fedora 5.0 and the API Specification

David Wilcox, Andrew Woods, Daniel Bernstein


Fedora is a flexible, extensible, open source repository platform for managing, preserving, and providing access to digital content. The Fedora community recently released version 5.0, which brings the software into alignment with the recently published API specification. Both new and existing Fedora users will be interested in learning about and experiencing new Fedora features and functionality first-hand.

Using pre-configured virtual machines, participants will learn how to create and manage content in Fedora in accordance with linked data best practices and the Portland Common Data Model. Particular attention will be paid to new features and functionality in the 5.0 release. Participants will also learn how to search and run SPARQL queries against content in Fedora using the included Solr index and triplestore, and how to import resources into Fedora and export resources from Fedora to external systems and services as part of a digital curation workflow.