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Session Overview
W18: Repository data management with GLAMpipe
Monday, 10/Jun/2019:
5:30pm - 7:00pm

Location: ESA-E-222
Edmund-SIemers-Allee 1, East Wing, Room 222 30 Places

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DSpace 6 content manipulation with GLAMpipe

Ari Häyrinen

University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Data management can be a frustrating process. Typically this involves using spreadsheets, writing adhoc Python scripts, or using R, Catmandu or similar tools. Albeit these tools have their own strengths, they also have various problems when used in managing repository content. Spreadsheets can be very labour intensive and clumsy for example for data with multiple authors. Using scripts requires coding good skills and often adhoc scripts are not documented and therefore not very useful for other team members.

GLAMpipe is an open source, flexible-by-design, document processing tool meant for GLAM (Galleries, Libaries, Archives, Museums) data. GLAMpipe can be used for data importing, exporting, processing and browsing. It has a graphical user interface and a full REST api.

The workflow of GLAMpipe is based on nodes. There are import nodes, processing nodes, export nodes and view nodes. Import nodes can import data from REST apis (like Dspace 6 or Wikidata) or CSVfiles.Processing files can make lookups, transfomations, metadata mappings, string operations and so on. Export nodes can push data and files to different REST apis (like Dspace 6) or CSV file.

The workshop is intended to everyone who is doing data management or who is creating a tools for content management.


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