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P1A: UX in practice
Tuesday, 11/Jun/2019:
11:00am - 12:30pm

Session Chair: Rory McNicholl, CoSector, University of London
Location: Lecture Hall A
Universität Hamburg, Main Building, Edmund-Siemers-Alle 1

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Jisc Open Research Repository: Delivering a compelling User Experience

Tom Davey, Dom Fripp, John Kaye

Jisc, United Kingdom

Jisc has developed “Jisc Open Research Hub” - a solution to enable the research community to deposit and preserve research data and other digital objects. It includes repository, preservation, and reporting. This presentation discusses the repository – Jisc Open Research Repository – developed from scratch in alignment to a range of sector needs.

Jisc recognised the importance of delivering this service with a compelling user experience, and invested greatly into achieving this aim.

We explore the many motivations for the care given to the user experience and the different methods applied throughout the development process, which are felt to be highly relevant to those wishing to understand user-centred approaches to product development, especially in the repository / research space.

We discuss the design/development process, including the use of external and in-house expertise, and key activities including:

Requirements-gathering (inc. 16 pilot institutions, domain experts, other bodies)

Testing - including several phases of user acceptance testing, benchmarking, and standards (accessibility) testing

UX Governance

Jisc’s position in the UK HE / research sector, as well as the scale of the project provides us many domain-specific insights to share, ranging from broad methods, down to individual design decisions informed by research and domain expertise.


Uncomplicating the business of repositories

Emily G. Morton-Owens, Katherine Lynch

University of Pennsylvania Libraries, United States of America

In this presentation, we discuss how our library is running our repository in production to meet the needs of our “business” as efficiently as possible. We have an interest in limiting the number of digital platforms we manage for the purposes of sustainability and efficiency, but we must also consider how well a general platform can meet specific user needs.

A governance group of administrators, in conference with stakeholders and developers, seeks to find the best way to accommodate each collection or functional need, with an eye to minimizing technical complexity, offering stakeholders self-serve options when possible, and maintaining a single canonical copy of each object. We will present some case studies of how material has been handled in our developing digital ecosystem, where preservation and access sometimes present conflicting priorities. We are exploring how our repository can best evolve to support our aims of making data and documents freely available.


Building Interfaces for All the Users

William Hicks, Mark E. Phillips, Pamela Andrews

University of North Texas Libraries, United States of America

A recent redesign of the digital repository platform at the University of North Texas (UNT) gave us the opportunity to examine how our interfaces can be enhanced for a better user experience. In doing so, we considered both human and and non-human users, and how they connect with our digital objects. For non-human users, this also meant integrating a number of existing interfaces and technologies into the digital repository platform. As some of these integrations also benefit our human users, the design meant incorporating these technologies in a way that was unobtrusive, yet accessible. Using our redesign as a case study, this presentation discusses the impact of the different user groups and content types on our overall design direction for the project, as well as the different interfaces and technologies we integrated to make our content more broadly available across multiple access points.


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