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Location: Lecture Hall M
Universität Hamburg, Main Building, Edmund-Siemers-Alle 1
Date: Tuesday, 11/Jun/2019
P1E: Measuring use and reuse
Location: Lecture Hall M
Chair: Holly Mercer, University of Tennessee

Reuse and use: new definitions for digital library assessment

Ayla Stein Kenfield1, Santi Thompson2, Elizabeth Kelly3, Genya O'Gara4, Caroline Muglia5, Liz Woolcott6

1: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United States of America; 2: University of Houston Libraries; 3: Loyola University New Orleans; 4: Virtual Library of Virginia; 5: University of Southern California; 6: Utah State University

The BitViews project: a new method for aggregating online usage data, a new route to universal Open Access.

Manfredi La Manna1, Camillo Lamanna2

1: University of St Andrews, United Kingdom; 2: University of New South Wales and University of Sydney, Australia

Analyzing Aggregate IR Use Data from RAMP

Kenning Arlitsch1, Dale Askey2, Jonathan Wheeler3

1: Montana State University, United States of America; 2: University of Alberta, Canada; 3: University of New Mexico, United States of America

P2E: Developer track
Location: Lecture Hall M
Chair: Michael Giarlo, Stanford University

Automating OAIS compliant digital preservation using Archivematica and DSpace

Hrafn Malmquist

University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Using DSpace as backend service - Workflow-centric repository development in practice

Ari Häyrinen

University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Longleaf: a repository-independent utility for applying digital preservation processes to files

Benjamin Pennell, Jason Casden

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill University Libraries, United States of America

A Multi-Tenancy Cloud-Native Digital Library Platform

Yinlin Chen, Jim Tuttle, William A. Ingram

Virginia Tech, United States of America

DSpace-Clustering via Puppet, HAProxy and CephFS

Bernd Nicklas, Paul Münch

Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany

Date: Wednesday, 12/Jun/2019
P3E: Developer Track
Location: Lecture Hall M
Chair: Pascal Becker, The Library Code GmbH

DSpace 7 - Creating High-Quality Software: Update to Development Practices

Andrea Bollini1, Terry Brady2, Giuseppe Digilio1, Tim Donohue3

1: 4Science, Italy; 2: Georgetown University Library; 3: DuraSpace

Web Data Engineering: A Technical Perspective on Web Archives

Helge Holzmann

Internet Archive, United States of America

Tools and Techniques for a Repository-Centric Architecture with Fedora

Joshua A. Westgard

University of Maryland Libraries, United States of America

P4E: Open access, neoliberalism, compliance and the law
Location: Lecture Hall M
Chair: Holly Mercer, University of Tennessee

Open or ajar?: 'openness' within the neoliberal academy

Simon Bowie1, Kevin Sanders2

1: SOAS, University of London, United Kingdom; 2: University of West London, United Kingdom

Assessing Compliance with the UK REF 2021 Open Access Policy

Drahomira Herrmannova, Nancy Pontika, Petr Knoth

Knowledge Media institute, The Open University, United Kingdom

Rights registration conditional to Open Access

Marjolein Steeman

Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, Netherlands, The

P5E: Standards and protocols for ingesting and harvesting
Location: Lecture Hall M
Chair: Bram Luyten, Atmire

DataCrate: a progress report on packaging research data for distribution via your repository

Peter Sefton

University of Technology Sydney, Australia

SWORDv3: Standardising Interoperability for Data Repositories

Richard Jones1, Neil Jefferies2, Lars Holm Nielsen3, Dom Fripp4

1: Cottage Labs LLP, United Kingdom; 2: University of Oxford, United Kingdom; 3: CERN; 4: Jisc

Comparing the Performance of OAI-PMH with ResourceSync

Petr Knoth1, Matteo Cancellieri1, Martin Klein2

1: Knowledge Media institute, The Open University, United Kingdom; 2: Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA

P6E: Developer Track
Location: Lecture Hall M
Chair: Lars Holm Nielsen, CERN

Connecting my repository to the Research Graph using Event Data

Kristian Garza

DataCite, Germany

Show and Tell: SHERPA Romeo's New API

Adam Field

Jisc, United Kingdom

Pocket infrastructures: Open and reproducible scholarship and publishing from/for the Global South

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas

mutabiT / HackBo, Colombia

MouseBytes: an open-access and web-based repository for cognitive data integration and sharing

Sara Memar, Flavio H. Beraldo, Vania F. Prado, Lisa M. Saksida, Timothy J. Bussey, Marco A. M. Prado

University of Western Ontario, Canada

Tainacan, a WordPress based repository platform

Leonardo Germani

Tainacan, MediaLab - Federal University of Goiás, IBICT

“Why can’t I get this Digital Library App to .WARC?” - Progressive Web Apps (PWA) as Digital Repository Software Architectures for Emulation and Preservation

Jason Anthony Clark

Montana State University, United States of America

Date: Thursday, 13/Jun/2019
P7E: Digital preservation
Location: Lecture Hall M
Chair: Jon W. Dunn, Indiana University

Development of New Standards for OAIS Interoperability

Michael W. Kearney1, David Giaretta2, John Garrett3, Steve Hughes4

1: Space Infrastructure Foundation; 2: PTAB Ltd.; 3: Garrett Software; 4: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

“Participatory Design for Long-Term Access: User Research, Software Preservation and Emulation”

Jessica Meyerson1, Seth Anderson2

1: Educopia Institute, United States of America; 2: Yale University, United States of America

Capturing the UK City of Culture: bringing Hyrax and Archivematica together to deliver preservation and access workflows

Chris Awre1, Julie Allinson2, Anusha Ranganathan3, Laura Giles1, Simon Wilson1, Steph Taylor2

1: University of Hull, United Kingdom; 2: CoSector, United Kingdom; 3: Cottage Labs, United Kingdom

P8E: Meeting the user needs for cultural heritage
Location: Lecture Hall M
Chair: Sarah Shreeves, University of Arizona

All the GLAM needs: Engaging users for a collaborative cultural heritage repository

Abigail Shelton, Jeremy Friesen, Miranda Van Nevel

University of Notre Dame, United States of America

Digital Libraries@UC with DSpace/GLAM

Ana Luísa Silva, Mário Bernardes, Bruno Neves, Ana Miguéis

Coimbra University Portugal

Building infrastructure for a developing nation

Michelle Ann Watson

Deakin University, Australia

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