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GT05: Limitations, Possibilities, Relevancy, and Transforming Institutional Repositories
Tuesday, 05/Jun/2018:
1:30pm - 3:00pm

Session Chair: Sara Mannheimer, Montana State University
Location: Room 233

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1:30pm - 2:00pm

Why So Many Repositories? Examining the limitations and possibilities of the IR landscape

Kenning Arlitsch1, Carl Grant2

1Montana State University, United States of America; 2University of Oklahoma, United States of America

Academic libraries fail to take advantage of the network effect because they manage too many digital repositories locally. While this argument applies to all manner of digital repositories, this presentation examines the fragmented environment of institutional repositories, in which effort and costs are duplicated, numerous software platforms and versions are managed simultaneously, metadata are applied inconsistently, and users, both on the submission and discovery ends, are served poorly. In the meantime, commercial IR vendors and academic social networks have shown much greater success with cloud-based models. Collectively, the library profession has enough funding to create a national-level IR, but it lacks the willingness to abandon local control.

We must move forward in preparing for the rapidly evolving technological landscape needed to support scholarly communication. Agility is essential. We need to prepare our teams, organizations, infrastructure and our software tools for this environment. Most importantly, we need to determine a way forward that enables the innovators in our profession to rapidly build working models for deployment and refinement. This presentation will suggest what those pathways might be and how we might collectively move forward to arrive there.

2:00pm - 2:30pm

Open Access IRs are Relevant: Research Insights and Opportunities From RAMP

Patrick OBrien1, Jonathan Wheeler2

1Montana State University, United States of America; 2University of New Mexico, United States of America

RAMP – the Repository Analytics and Metrics Portal ( is a web service that begins to address the difficulty IR managers face trying to produce accurate user activity reports that are comparable over time and across institutions. This presentation will provide research insights and future opportunities based on preliminary analysis of the more than 30 open access IRs using RAMP and will cover the following:

1. An inventory and assessment of the data sources available to IR managers for developing the most complete and accurate picture of IR user activity.

2. A large variance in user access across IRs and ideas on why it might exist.

3. How the open access academic record of RAMP participants is represented in Google search results and what users are actually accessing.

4. IR manager benefits and research opportunities from increased participation and planning

2:30pm - 3:00pm

Cleaning out the Roach Motel: Transforming the Neglected IR into a Five-Star Scholarship Resort

Elisabeth Rose Shook

Vanderbilt University, United States of America

In 2008, Dorothea Salo published the memorable article, Innkeeper at the Roach Motel, in which she writes that libraries have consistently understaffed and undervalued repositories, hoping faculty will deposit their work without any incentive. When faculty refuse, libraries have thrown “open the repository to any sort of content in order to justify its existence” (Salo, 2008). Nearly ten years later, and this article still rings painfully true. How does an established repository correct the course, especially when the topic of deleting items and creating tombstones is so taboo? Elisabeth Shook, Scholarly Communications Librarian at Vanderbilt University, will discuss measures she’s taken to transform the roach motel IR into a clean resort for quality scholarship produced at VU, thus enabling the Vanderbilt Libraries to continue to advocate for sustainable open access.

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