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GT13: How can we sustain research data long term - managing identities, shared services, and the perspective of smaller institutions
Thursday, 07/Jun/2018:
9:00am - 10:30am

Session Chair: Julie Rudder, UNC Chapel Hill
Location: Ballroom D

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9:00am - 9:30am

A Service to Manage Open Data Identity Over Time

Maria Esteva1, Ramona L. Walls2, Andrew B. Magill1

1Texas Advanced Computing Center, University of Texas at Austin; 2Cyverse, University of Arizona

Much of the burden of sustaining an open data environment is borne by researchers who must curate and publish the datasets they create. This is especially taxing for research that spans many years and team members, and has data distributed across different locations and publication stages. Funded by NSF, Identifier Services (IDS) is a prototype to explore the technical feasibility and community response to services that help manage the identity of large, ramified, genomics datasets stored across distributed resources. IDS uses open cyberinfrastructure resources and tools to track and verify the location, integrity, content changes, and metadata of datasets that have both active and published components. It can be used as an independent service or integrated with open repositories to track the evolution of published and active datasets over time. IDS provides landing pages where the datasets with global identifiers are represented as graphs reflecting the files’ provenance to facilitate reuse. Results point to a non-distant future in which open repositories and private storage systems are interconnected through services that enable users to have a complete map of their datasets independent of location and publication status.

9:30am - 10:00am

Jisc Research Data Shared Service – A Driver for Change

John Paul Kaye, Dom Fripp, Daniela Duca, Paul Stokes, Tamsin Burland, Tom Davey

Jisc, United Kingdom

Jisc is developing a solution for researchers and support staff within universities to enable them to deposit and preserve research data and digital objects for the long-term. Whilst general management of research data is not a new problem area, it has been of growing importance due to several issues, such as: are reproducibility, better research, more collaboration, funder requirements.

Many higher education institutions in the UK have thought about research data management and have implemented data policies, some have tendered or created solutions and as a result are running data repositories or combined data and publications repositories. Preservation is still a rare happening for research data. We are working with 16 of these institutions to build the research data shared service (RDSS).

Jisc are developing 3 major building blocks for the RDSS end to end offer: repository, preservation and analytics. Currently we are in the alpha stage of development and are going into beta in 2018 before launching the service in summer 2018. We are working with more than a dozen vendors that are either supplying their systems or or supporting the development of the service and the integration of open source and licensed platforms within the service

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