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GT01: Samvera
Tuesday, 05/Jun/2018:
11:00am - 12:30pm

Session Chair: David Schober, Northwestern University
Location: Ballroom A
Ballroom A is the largest single room meeting space in the SUB. Will fit the whole conference. Live streaming.

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11:00am - 11:30am

Valkyrie: Reimagining the Samvera Community

Esme Cowles

Princeton, United States of America

Valkyrie is a new persistence layer for Samvera, designed to address performance and sustainability problems. It was developed through the existing Samvera Working Group process, showing that the current Samvera community governance structure can be used to tackle big problems.

Valkyrie features pluggable persistence options, allowing Samvera applications to use not just the historical combination of Fedora and Solr, but also other options like Fedora or Solr by themselves, PostgreSQL, and local disk. Allowing Samvera applications to use different persistence options refocuses the Samvera community, shifting away from persistence in Fedora as the defining aspect of the community. Instead, the focus shifts to the shared tools built by the community.

11:30am - 12:00pm

Integrating the OSF within a Samvera Application

Andrea Ogier, W. Lee Hunter, R. Shane Coleman, Jonathan Petters

Virginia Tech, United States of America

The University Libraries at Virginia Tech develops and maintains a repository that makes datasets generated by the university community freely available. Built by the digital library development team and managed by the data services team in the Libraries, the repository has been active for nearly two years. In that time, these teams within the Libraries have been collaboratively exploring new use cases for the data repository, brainstorming ways to encourage more submissions, and finding connections and integrations to make the repository more useful.

With this in mind, these teams within the Libraries realized that the ability to pass objects from the OSF into the data repository would provide the largest benefit to researchers in the community, allowing them to work collaboratively within the OSF and take advantage of the publishing and curation services offered through the Libraries. Pushed to production in early 2018, we project that this new service integration will allow researchers to more easily benefit from both the OSF and the data repository at Virginia Tech.

In this presentation we will outline the choices we made, summarize the use cases and reception of the integration, share our experiences and lessons learned, and detail our plans for future integrations.

12:00pm - 12:30pm

Developing a single repository for open access and research data – a Samvera case study from Jisc’s Research Data Shared Service

Dom Fripp1, John Kaye1, Alan McKenzie2, Finlay McCourt2

1Jisc, United Kingdom; 2Digirati, United Kingdom

As part of its Research Data Shared Service (RDSS), Jisc has been developing a repository component as part of its core architecture . Through making an integrated research data management platform available to UK Universities, there is a growing demand from small to medium HEIs for the RDSS to provide a single repository solution that fits their needs for publications and data with workflows for Open Access and REF submissions. To achieve this, the repository must be integrated with other Jisc Open Access services such as Sherpa, Jisc Monitor and Publications router, along with those provided by external stakeholders such as ORCID, Crossref, DataCite and OpenAIRE.

This presentation is a case study in evaluating Samvera for this role, and its suitability as a multi-tenanted, sustainable hybrid repository that is both attractive to researchers and universities and aligns with the broader international objectives of the community, the FAIR agenda and open science.

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