Conference Agenda

Workshop Full-Day 1: Using and Extending Fedora
Tuesday, 27/Jun/2017:
1:30pm - 3:30pm

Location: QUT P514
Pax 220


Using and Extending Fedora

David Wilcox1, Andrew Woods1, Aaron Birkland2

1DuraSpace, USA; 2Johns Hopkins University, USA

Fedora is a flexible, extensible, open source repository platform for managing, preserving, and providing access to digital content. Fedora 4 introduces native linked data capabilities and a modular architecture based on well-documented APIs and ease of integration with existing applications. Both new and existing Fedora users will be interested in learning about and experiencing Fedora features and functionality first-hand.

The API Extension Architecture (API-X) is network infrastructure intended to provide extensibility to Fedora. Fundamentally, this architecture is based on the principle of binding web services services to repository objects they may consume, and exposing the results of this binding as web resources. This workshop will take participants through the conceptualization, deployment, and analysis of API-X extensions in production in order to satisfy real-world use cases.

Using pre-configured virtual machines, participants will learn how to create and manage content in Fedora in accordance with linked data best practices, how to search and run SPARQL queries against content in Fedora using the included Solr index and triplestore, and how to install and interact with API-X extensions.