Conference Agenda

Workshop Afternoon 3: Hands-on with the ORCID APIs: Getting ORCID iDs & Permissions via your institution's single sign-on system
Tuesday, 27/Jun/2017:
1:30pm - 3:30pm

Location: QUT P506
Pax 54


Putting the iD in IdP: Using ORCID with federated identity systems

Elizabeth Krznarich

ORCID, United States of America

The repository community has long shown enthusiastic support for ORCID, however, getting ORCID iDs into repositories remains challenging. In order to offer new workflows for collecting authenticated ORCID iDs, and to enrich the data available in the ORCID registry, ORCID recently introduced features that allow users sign in with their institutional credentials and allow institutions to automatically request those users’ ORCID iDs, as well as permission to post verified information (like affiliations) to their ORCID records. These features reduce technical barriers to collecting and sharing authenticated iDs within an institution, increase data volume and quality in the ORCID registry, and potentially present new possibilities for verifying and sharing ORCID iDs across external systems. This presentation will introduce ORCID’s institutional sign in features and discuss their implications and opportunities.

Hands-on with the ORCID APIs: Getting ORCID iDs & Permissions via your institution's single sign-on system

Liz Krznarich


In May 2016, ORCID launched institutional sign in, which allows users from all institutions belonging to an eduGAIN member identity federation to sign in using their institutional credentials. More recently, ORCID enhanced this process by adding an API feature (“Identity Provider Cross-link”) that allows institutions to automatically request ORCID iDs and ORCID record access permission from users who sign into ORCID with their institutional credentials, using a process that requires little programming or technical expertise on the part of institutions.

This workshop will provide participants with a general introduction to the ORCID APIs, as well as in-depth coverage of the new institutional sign-in and identity provider cross-link features, including:

• Overview of ORCID's institutional sign-in and identity provider cross-link features

• Introduction to ORCID APIs

• Setting up the identity provider cross-link process

• Getting permission to access users' ORCID records via OAuth

• Reading from/writing to ORCID records

• Fine-tuning the user experience