Conference Agenda

General track 17: Developing and training staff
Thursday, 29/Jun/2017:
3:30pm - 5:00pm

Session Chair: Dermot Frost, Trinity College Dublin
Location: Ballroom B
Hilton Brisbane

3:30pm - 4:30pm

Panel Discussion: PEOPLE: Building and Sustaining a Digital Repository Team

Rosalyn Metz1, Geoff Harder2, Allan Bell3, Evviva Weinraub4

1Emory University Libraries; 2University of Alberta Libraries; 3The University of British Columbia Libraries; 4Northwestern University, United States of America

People matter. Skilled, talented, and engaged team members are vital to the success of repositories. Do we pay enough attention to this area?

Too often, repositories are prominently featured in strategic plans as change agents for open access, the antidote to what ails scholarly communications, or the solution to digital preservation challenges. But is there an imbalance between resources devoted to getting the job done, and the goals set for our services and infrastructure?

Digital repositories require institutional commitment and broad-ranging investment in skilled people to achieve the societal, cultural, and technological future we hope to create. No matter what the aspirational goals for a repository may be, it requires leadership to commit to doing things differently, realigning actions to match intent. Recruiting, retaining and inspiring talented people who can take repositories from aspirational goals to positive results is never an easy task. For many this is a work in progress, but one that deserves more discussion and attention within the community. The panel will focus on creating commitment and buy-in around developing our most precious resource, people, with a candid discussion of the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities that come with different approaches and organizational models.

4:30pm - 5:00pm

Paving the road for Open Science strategies and services via the global repository Network : Pragmatical approaches for a trans-national sharing of experiences, expertise and contents between China and Germany

Liping Ku1,2, Dirk Pieper3, Friedrich Summann3

1National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences; 2School of Economics and Management, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences; 3Bielefeld University Library, Germany

The global repository network is an excellent fundament for sharing information and technical expertise between its stakeholders. In this environment, the Chinese repository community and the German OAI service provider BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine)BASE) have established a close relationship with the goal, to make the Chinese open access publication output on institutional repositories more visible and to ensure the global relevance of BASE in the future.

This transnational relation led to a cooperative approach with exchanging technical expertise in order to improve the stability, quality and visibility of the Chinese repositories. On the other hand, BASE can increase the number of indexed publications and repositories. The paper shows in detail the steps started and planned to reach this goals.