Conference Agenda

EPrints IG 1: Statistics and the Use of EPrints 3.4 for Impact
Wednesday, 28/Jun/2017:
1:30pm - 3:00pm

Session Chair: William J. Nixon, University of Glasgow
Location: Redlands/Lockyer/Moreton
Hilton Brisbane

1:30pm - 2:00pm

Creating author-level statistics dashboards in the EPrints repository at QUT

Paula Callan, Matthew Kerwin

Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Most repositories display statistics at the repository ‘Overview’ level and the individual item level. There is no question that institutions value the aggregate data in the ‘Overview’ statistics. However, few repositories deliver similar value to their authors by providing them with a dashboard which aggregates their download data across all the open access full-text works they have deposited in the repository. QUT’s institutional repository (QUT ePrints) delivers value to authors by displaying their citation and download data in the ‘Browse by person’ view and by linking this view to a statistics dashboard which aggregates and graphs the data. The author can also export their download and citation data in CSV format from the ‘Browse by person’ view for further analysis or to create visualisations for a subset of their works. QUT ePrints provides a range of other usage and attention metrics which can help the author craft a narrative about their research impact. Enquires from other EPrints sites indicate that there is significant amount of interest in QUT’s statistics functionality.

2:00pm - 3:00pm

Getting the taste for impact: Creating a new Impact flavour in EPrints 3.4

William J. Nixon1, Justin Bradley2, Mick Eadie1

1University of Glasgow, United Kingdom; 2EPrints Services, United Kingdom

This presentation will provide an overview of the development, set-up and launch of a new institutional repository, Enlighten: Impact to capture information on and documentation of knowledge exchange or other engagement activities and to identify potential research impacts. This new repository flavour has been developed in conjunction with EPrints Services, using EPrints 3.4 and was based on pilot work already done at the University of Glasgow. It will provide an overview of EPrints 3.4’s functionality and the decision to take this approach rather than just create an EPrints Bazaar plugin. It will also provide details of the initial pilot work done at the University of Glasgow and show how this was used to inform the new impact flavour. EPrints 3.4 has presented us with an exciting opportunity to develop this new repository flavour and focus on non-traditional content. This new ‘impact’ flavour will be freely available to the EPrints community during 2017.Impact, Flavour, Metrics