Conference Agenda

DSpace IG 1: Future of DSpace and core updates
Wednesday, 28/Jun/2017:
1:30pm - 3:00pm

Session Chair: Bram Luyten, Atmire
Location: Ballroom C
Hilton Brisbane

1:30pm - 2:00pm

On the Road to DSpace 7 : Angular 2 + REST

Tim Donohue1, Art Lowel2, Andrea Bollini3

1DuraSpace, United States of America; 2Atmire, Belgium; 34Science, Italy

At OR15 in Indianapolis, with the support of the DSpace Steering Group, we announced

an initiative to prototype and select the technology to use for a new, single, user

interface, targeted for DSpace 7.

At OR2016 in Dublin, after a successful DSpace UI Prototype Challenge , we announced

Angular2 as the user interface technology for DSpace 7, and provided a brief

demonstration of what could be achieved on this Javascript platform.

In late 2016, we’ve begun development on DSpace 7, establishing a DSpace 7 UI

Working Group with two subgroups concentrating on the Angular2 UI and REST API,

and led by Art Lowel and Andrea Bollini, respectively. The goal of this working group is

to build the DSpace 7 user interface on top of a new enhanced REST API.

In this talk, we will provide updates on the DSpace 7 UI initiative and show a

demonstration of the latest work. We will also discuss the next steps in the development

process (roadmap to DSpace 7) and how others may get involved.

2:00pm - 2:30pm

The DSpace Contribution HOWTO

Kim Shepherd1, Hardy Pottinger2, Art Lowel3

1Kim Shepherd, New Zealand; 2UCLA Library; 3Atmire

DSpace committers Kim Shepherd, Hardy Pottinger and Art Lowel explain various ways we can all contribute to DSpace more effectively, with live demonstrations of how improvements and fixes get into the codebase, how contributing to current DSpace 7 efforts differs from the regular way of working, tips to ensure our pull requests make it all the way, and calls for participation by the whole community, from bug reporting and feature requests to translations and documentation. And testing!

2:30pm - 3:00pm

DSpace-CRIS: new features and contribution to the DSpace mainstream

Andrea Bollini, Susanna Mornati, Luigi Andrea Pascarelli, Riccardo Fazio

4Science, Italy

The proposal aims at presenting the latest releases of DSpace-CRIS, compatible with DSpace 5 and 6, with new exciting features. Particularly interesting is the recent integration between DSpace-CRIS and CKAN released as an independent module. The DSpace-CKAN Integration Module has already been released in open source (same license than DSpace) and it can easily adopted also by standard DSpace installations, both JSPUI or XMLUI.

Starting with DSpace-CRIS 5.6.1, along with the security fixes of DSpace JSPUI 5.6, the following features have been introduced: an extendible UI to deliver the bitstreams with dedicated viewers, a simple metadata editing of any DSpace object; the editing of archived items using the submission UI; a deduplication and duplicate-alert tool; improved ORCiD synchronization; improved submission form; improved security model for CRIS entities; creation of CRIS object as part of the submission process, automatic calculation of metrics; advanced import framework; on-demand DOI registration; template services.

DSpace-CKAN Integration Module allows users to directly preview the dataset content deposited in a CKAN instance from DSpace via a “curation task”. DSpace-CRIS and DSpace-CKAN will be supported by 4Science also for the future major versions of the platform and the roadmap to the DSpace 7 compatibility will be also presented.